Problem about aging population

by 046Tom on June 22, 2014 - 9:28am


 I would like to talk about problem of Japanese aging population. Firstly, I would like to talk about the bad point of problem of Japanese aging population. Now, Japanese population is more than one hundred million but actually in these days, Japanese population is decreasing. Some people say that in 2050, Japanese population will be fewer than one hundred million. This is because old people’s population is increasing and children’s population is decreasing. It means that woman who can conceive babies are decreasing. This is causing the problem that population of child is decreasing. I think that unless stop the decrease of children’s population, the problem would not be solved. However, Japanese government announced that Japanese government would accept foreigners in the future to keep population. I wondered that does Japanese government has to accept even it is a foreigner. Some people researched that if Japanese government accepts foreigners to keep population 40% of Japanese population would be foreigners. I don’t want to imagine such a Japan. I think it is a bad point. Next, as I said, if this situation will continue, older people will be increasing. This will cause another problem. Even now, there are lack of a home for senior citizens so many older people can’t enter the home. When the home for senior citizens became full, many older people have to take care of them by themselves. This problem is connected to problem of pension. Now, there are enough number of adults to support older people however, if younger people are decreased and elder people are increased, young people will not be able to support elder people. I think Japanese government should do something to increase children instead of accepting foreigners.



 From now on, I would like to talk about the good point of aging society. I think that by decreasing Japanese population we can reduce CO2 and stop global warming. Now, enormous people are using cars, buses, and consuming many things which are made of oil to live. If Japanese population will be decreased, it means that the amount of using things and using cars, buses must be decreased. It will be connected to reduce CO2 and stop global warming. According to the article, by William Cline of the Peterson Institute for International Economic in Washington DC. He insists that thanks to the failing population, individual income has been rising strongly. This is because, Japan is one of the healthiest country in the world so government don’t have to use enormous money to them. Japan will keep the income of country as same as now in the future only population will be decreased. It means that the income for one Japanese:GDP will be increased. He also says that the space to live for each person will be wider than now. In addition, he insists that if the population will be decreased, agriculture must be automated. By doing agriculture by automatically, the operation will be efficiently. This will raise food self-sufficiently. Japanese self-sufficiently will be increased. Another person says that Japanese industry will be efficient this is also because decreasing of population. Decreasing population means that there are few people that are able to work so people have to rely on the robot to work instead of human. Next good point of decreasing population is government doesn’t have to use money for education anymore. Now, there are enormous numbers of schools in Japan. This is because there were a lot of children. Until now, government had to use huge money for the education to make schools but by decreasing population, we don’t need so many schools. It is already enough. Actually, many numbers of school is closing now because there are few students in the school. Government can use the money for other things. These are the good affect of decreasing population. I was thinking that there is only bad point in the aging problem but actually there are many good points. I think that the problem of aging population and decreasing population go on so I hope that Japan can keep population and find good solution for the aging population. I don’t want to live in the small population even there are some goods affects. I hope that Japan can solve these problem and makes society better one in thefuture.


Your text connected the aging society with the global warming theme, which was an interesting new approach on the subject. However, I heared in a news report that even if we would stop our emission tomorrow, in the future, there would be a rise of 3 degrees Celsius, because the effects show themselves always 50-100 years afterwards.
I think a good solution would be to accept more foreigners in Japan.

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