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by 007 Endo on May 22, 2014 - 4:09am

I talk about APA hotel’s president. The president is a woman. Her name is Motoya Fumiko. She is very famous in Japan. She made a hotel in the whole country. I talk about she is how to success in the hotel’s industry.

Firstly I talk about her profile. She was born to Fukui prefecture. After she graduated high school, she worked a bank. His husband stood up business. Then she served director. Her house was broken by earthquake in 1948. Then she saved her life

She had her goal, because it is very important things. If someone had each goal, someone can find how to achievement.

I talk about three important things for her.  Firstly it is the APA which started from Kanazawa, but it was until to be deployed nationwide at present. The reason that it or was able to expand up to there, because he has set a goal to “Mend unprecedented in Japan," New urban hotel "chain extends" from its inception. The "new urban hotel", has proposed APA, rich appearance, entrance lobby of city hotel, hospitality like a hot spring inn, it refers to the hotels business hotels that business travel expenses, but expand it had set a big goal to be. It is very important.

Secondly if someone’s heart is soft, you do a good guidance. When she was high school student, he wanted to go to university, and she wanted to be a teacher, but her father is sick, so she gave up her dream. Then she thought that a better life is waiting for me, and there is also surely opportunity to learn. So she worked in Fukui credit bank. According to this, she could meet her husband, so she can become a president. She really doesn’t know how to bring good luck’s life. There is waiting for another chance people in the juku and cram school student, She didn’t think about the failure is not setback, if people had many hardships, they can become a strong and kind, because she could meet good teacher, then she wanted to bring potential of student out. So she thought good teacher is very important for them. She hopes everyone can give the confidence and courage to children.

She thinks that teaching makes you grow up. When she was high school student, she couldn’t go to university, but she went to Housei University from 53 years old. In addition, it is to be good for yourself "teaching". I may notice for the first time by tell me and can bring oneself up more. It has you realize that it is for oneself again to tell the teacher of the private supplementary school and wants a class to keep growth alive if daily mind includes it.

I think that she is very good president, because she is good teacher. She has many important thoughts, because she could success in the world of hotel. She is very smart, because she had an effort every day. I think that she should teach to people.



Hi. I'm Masaya. Nice to meet you.
I don't know APA hotel's president. But I can understand.

This is a very inspirational story. You don't hear of many Japanese women in powerful positions. She sounds like a great role model for young women. Anything is possible with hard work and dedication. And it's very to late to go after your dreams.

A reply was slowing. i'm sorry. i'm Akinari.
I read your article. Story about APA hotel’s president was wonderful. I agree with your opinion.

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