Philippine Poverty

by 021 YOUHEY on June 12, 2014 - 3:45am

June 5


              Poverty is a serious problem in the world. At first, poverty means the state of being poor. Why is poverty existence all of the country? The answer is simple. A gap changes our life. We have to narrow the gap between rich and poor nations. It is very difficult problem for most country. I think that it is impossible to get rid earnings differentials, but reducing earnings differentials is possible. Government should consider the serious problems immediately. Otherwise many poor people will die because of hungry. I think that death by starvation is the cruelest death for everyone. Maybe most Japanese people cannot think really hunger. By the way, I introduce Philippine poverty to you. Why did I choose this country? I have no ideas especially. Some Philippine people are tormented by poverty. One of the reason why poverty is increasing is many children cannot go to elementary school, so their literacy rate is low. When they grew up adult, many companies refuse them because of their knowledge. They have to earn to money at a small company to survival their life. Moreover many people become vagrant and live on the street. They have no money, no house and no food. They must be given alms for wealthy people on the street. They said please give me something to eat or a little money. It is unbelievable for Japanese people. Japanese development is higher than Philippine one. I think that Japanese technology level is very high in the world. I am thinking about I glad to be Japanese people. Philippine government suggested some actives and carry out them. However the way is not effective for people. For example, some countries gave financial aid to support Philippine, but this policy do not continue to longer. Many Philippine people smile to be given money from some developed nation at first. After that, they forget the thanks after they run out of the money. This temporary policy is no unmeaning. Philippine government should start to study for many poor children. At first, although this may be no meaning, this will make them good adult in the future. If this policy carried out and succeeded, many poor people will be saved in the future. This is first step to improve their poverty. The first step on the path out of poverty is difficult, because they have to change their habit. Studying is essential thing to improve them and their country. In my opinion, the organization had better employ clever supporter who are interested in the country and have a lot of information of technology as a volunteers. It is difficult to find them, but they should not give up to improve own country. It is necessary thing. I think that comparing between Japan and other country’s poverty are very important thing. In fact, I could learn about poverty. Solving problems and thinking problems make me tired, but I get new knowledge from internet. I think that Japanese people are wealthy in the world.


I read your article. However, your article is hard to understand for me because I don't understand English very well. I'm sorry.

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