Obama pledges Japan islands support as Asian tour begins

by 034 Hikohiko on April 24, 2014 - 4:39am

Yesterday, Obama president came to Japan in the evening. After coming to Japan, he met Caroline Kennedy and some presidents. He moved to hotel in Tokyo city last night. And, he went to sushi restaurant yesterday night. In front of sushi restaurant, he met Abe president. Abe president heard “Obama president likes sushi”. And, Sushi is one of Cool Japan’s food and registered world heritage. I think Obama feel ‘I’d like to sushi in Japan again’. So, Abe president reserved sushi restaurant. According to BBC’s interview, Mr. Obama said the US would oppose any attempt to undermine Japan's control over the islands. Originally, Senkaku Islands were peculiar territories of Japan. But, a lot of government and president insisted “Senkaku Islands are Chinese Island’s”. And, U.S government talks about negotiate TPP with Japanese government. I think I want Japanese government and American government to push forward a story about these well for three days. I think Obama thought or felt “I’d like to come to Japan again too.” I want he would like to make a good days for three days.

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I heard that many Japanese don't approve of TPP. What's your opinion about it?

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