Noodle man

by 048 minami on May 22, 2014 - 3:38am

great Japanese business man.

Hello, everyone today I will talk about Japanese business man.
first business man is Ando Momofuku. He is Nisshin's founder.
He is very famous in japan. He made a instant noodles.
He was born in 1910. He lived in Ikeda city in Osaka.
When he was childhood, he experienced world war 2.
There were no food in japan when the world war2 finished because of the war.
Then he thought about noodle. And he thought it should has preservative quality and,it does not take long time, and bulk production.
He kept inventing to think out good idea.
One day, his wife cooked tempura, he thought out. Frying is good for preservative quality. So he fried the noodle. Then he kept inventing, finally he succeeded his noodle. He named the noodle "chicken noodle" in 1958. The chicken noodle was sold all over the world. They said the noodle " magical noodle".
chicken noodle became famous and popular. Ando Momofuku could succeed. And he build his company, the company is " Nisshin". The meaning is " let's make food with honesty everyday." Nisshin became big company in japan.
in 1966, he made a cup noodle. This is very convenient, because it need only hot water. So it was useful in Asama accident.
Ando Momofuku died in 2007. Many famous people went to his funeral, for example, some president, about 6500 people went to there. He was loved by so many people.
And cup noodle memorial museum was build in 1999. This museum is very popular. This is because, people can make a chicken noodle. And people can make original cup noodle. Original cup noodle is people can draw design of cup noodle.
So it is very interesting, and popular.
not only chicken noodle, cup noodle are popular but also Donbei and UFO are popular too. Nisshin's instant food is very popular in japan. They are very delicious and easy cooking. So, when people don't have time, people can eat quickly. And these are very cheap.
Donbei is udon of instant. It has two types taste. One is Kansai taste, the other is kantou taste. Difference is soup of udon. I have eaten these. These are really different taste. I think Kansai is a little light taste. There is artifice in Nisshin's instant food. So these are very popular.
also Nisshin's CM is very interesting. It has impact, and attractive for people. My friend has appeared on Nisshin's CM. This friend is thai. I was surprised. I think the CM is very funny. Nisshin's CM is popular in japan.
Ando Momofuku is very great person. This is because, his idea is not same with other person. He has a unique idea. Nisshin's Great idea is inspired by him. And his passion for his business is very great. He never give up his business. So he could succeed his business.
I think Nisshin's instant food makes people very happy, and really smile and super convenient. So I hope Nisshin keep making good food. That's all.
Thank you for your attention.


I like cup noodle, so I 'm intrested in your topic.

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