my hometown : Konan Yamate

by 018 chiho on May 14, 2014 - 11:38am

My hometown is Konan Yamate. Konan Yamate belong to Higasinada-ku, Kobe-shi. Konan Yamate is a one of residential district and the town doesn’t have characteristic, so to be honest, to write about my home town at least three hundreds words is not easy for me. By the way, actually, Konan Yamate has to do with some famous people. For example, Yuko Asano who is an actress and singer, and Yoshinori Monta who is actor, vocalist and singer song writer come from Konan Yamate. Recently, Tsuyoshi Shimoyanagi who was baseball player commute to a gym near Konan yamate station. Incidentally, there is the gym at Selva. Selva is famous shopping center at Konan Yamate and we can buy foods, clothes and some goods. Moreover Selva has some culture school, for example, cram school, karate training room, painting class, piano lesson, ballet, sewing and so on, so inhabitant can learn about something. I’m working part time as a clerk the cram school and teaching English to junior high school students and high school students. I think it’s a rewarding job for me. I put buck the subject. It’s only a matter of no significance Konan Yamate is hard fought field of dental surgeon and beauty salon. I can find five dental surgeon and seven beautiful salons for about ten minutes from my house to Konan Yamate station. I think there are too many dental surgeon and beauty salon. In my opinion, I want to increase book store and stationer. I come to think of it, I forgot to write about place of Konan Yamate. Konan Yamate station is middle between Amagasaki station and Sannomiya station. The fare to both Amagasaki and Sannomiya are one hundred seventy yen, and it’s my house that is easily accessible from the station. Konan Yamate is such attractive town.


Hello, my name is Stephanie. I too come from a small town! Actually I was raised in a village, was not big enough to be called a town. It is funny that even in a small place there can be so many of the same things like the dental surgeons and beauty salons you speak of. I admire teachers for wanting to teach others and make a difference in the world. I worked with children several years ago, and it is very rewarding. I live in New York in the USA and being close to the train station is very helpful for transportation!
Thank you for sharing about your hometown.

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