My hometown about Amagasaki

by Tomoya on May 15, 2014 - 3:45am


     I would like to introduce about my hometown. My hometown is Amagasaki in Hyogo. It locates to the east of the Hyogo, and there was a castle in Amagasaki a long time ago. Most of Amagasaki people who says “Ama”. When I talk to someone about Amagasaki, some people who asking me. Where is it locates? Is it Osaka? They say like that. I say it’s nearly answer, however, it is not correct. Amagasaki is near from Osaka station. It takes approximately 10 minutes from the station.

 There are lots of famous things in Amagasaki. The first one is a famous character who lives in Amagasaki. He is popular among Amagasaki people. I think most of people who live in Amagasaki is everyone knows this character. His name is small man in English. His house is near from my house, so I can see his house anytime. If you interest in this character, please tell me. I will show you his picture.

 Secondly, I would like to introduce about famous food. In Amagasaki, there is famous for yakiniku shops. The shop’s name is “Yamiichi”. Maybe you think “how much is it?”

You can eat about five thousand yen. Especially, the most expensive meats are delicious in this shop. I recommend you this one.

 The last one is cake shop. There is famous for cake shop in Amagasaki. I also buy it when someone is birthday. Especially, in this shop, a cream puff is famous among people. The taste is good, and the price is too cheap. It is 100 yen!!! When I get back to my home, I will buy it, and then returned the home.

 Most of people like Osaka, but I think Amagasaki is good town too. So, if you want to visit Amagasaki in Hyogo, I want you to experience them.


I think that your home town is very good place. I like Amagasaki. There are many good people in Amagasaki.

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