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by 002 shoko on May 14, 2014 - 10:59pm

I’m going to talk about my hometown. I’m from Izumiotsu in Osaka. Izumiotsu is between Skai and Kishiwada, so I think that Izumiotsu is small town and countryside. However, it has yuruchra. My hometown’s character’s name is ozumin. Ozumin is sheep, because Izumiotsu is one of the famous town that towel is made. I really want to use that.

Apart from that my junior high school and another junior high school are next. My junior high school name is Seifu junior high school. Another junior high school name is Toyo junior high school. If you research my hometown, you can know that thing. It is unusual for a junior high school to be established side by side.

Next topic is Danjiri. It is loved by many people who my hometown and around the cities lives in. Moreover I think that it is known by Japanese. Danjiri festival is held every year in each area. Especially, Kishiwada Danjiri festival is the most famous Danjiri festivals in Japan. Lunch is very powerful. On the other hand, a lantern is displayed at night is beautiful. I think that Danjiri festival is awesome, so I really want to see the city. That’s why Danji can make a lot of people being enjoyable, and if you come there, you can see many nice guys.

I think that my hometown is really small, but there are a lot of enjoyable things, so I really want to coming to Izumiotsu to play.I love my hometown so much.

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