My Hometown

by 046Tom on May 15, 2014 - 3:41am


This time I will talk about my hometown. I am from Kumamoto. I will introduce about Kumamoto prefectrue

1,Sight spot

There are some spots to see in Kumamoto. They are, Kumamoto castle, Suijenji park, Mt.Aso and so on. At first, I will write about Kumamoto castle. Kumaoto castle was build about 400 years ago by Kiyomasa Kato. Kumamoto castle was burned down because of Seinan civil war. The view from top of the castle tower is so beautiful. You can see the beautiful view of Kumamoto town from there. Secondly, there is Suizenji park in Kumamoto city. The park is so beautiful. It is a Japanese-style park. Lastly, I will introduce about Mt.Aso. Mt.Aso has a biggest caldera in the world. In the past, the caldera was fell down because of an eruption so if no eruption was happened, Mt.Aso would be a highest mountain in the world. However, Mt.Aso has very beautiful green trees so I recommend you to see the mountain not only from nearby but also from faraway places.



Kumamoto has many delicious foods. There are Basashi, Karashirenkon, Ikinaridango,Taipi-en, dagojiru and so on. I think that many people know about Basashi so I will introduce expect Basashi. At first, about Karashirenkon. Karashirenkon uses a lots root. Put a mustard in the hole of the lots root and fry it. Of course, it tastes spicy but it is very delicious so if you have chance, please try it! Next one is Taipi-en. It is a really interesting history. Taipi-en is a Chinese food but also it is Kumamoto’s traditional food. This is because Taipi-en was born in China but the tastes was made and completed in Kumamoto That’s why it is Chinese food but also Kumamoto’s food. It looks like Chinese noodle. However, Taipi-en’s noodle is Chinese starch noodle. We Kumamoto people eat Taipi-en when we were elementary school student as a school lunch. Like that, it is very famous and popular in Kumamoto. Please try it in Chinese restaurant in Kumamoto.



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Hi! I'm Tsutomu. I'm 19 years old. My favorite artist is one direction and my favorite food is hamburg. I like anime very much. I like "Toradora","Ansatsukiyoushitsu","Nisekoi""Kurokonobasuke" and so on.
I love Starbucks very much too. I really like to go there and talk to my friends.