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Base ball.

Hello everyone. I am minami. I like baseball very much. I often go to watch baseball. Baseball is very interesting for me. Japanese baseball is strong, but it is not stronger than American League. But Japanese national team became first winner all over the world. So, Japanese baseball is famous in the world. Then, I will talk about Japanese baseball.
There is 12 Japanese baseball teams in japan. And the team is separated Pa league and Se league. At first I will talk about Pa league.
Pa league's team are Rakuten golden eagles, Seibu lions, Chiba Lotte marines, Orix baffarows, soft bank hawks, and Nippon ham fighters.
First, Rakuten golden eagles is Miyagi prefecture's baseball team. Last year, the team got first prize. Famous player is Norimoto Takahiro. He is pitcher of the team. He is very great pitcher, he did good performance in last year's games. Last year, Tanaka Masahiro leave the team, he is very famous and popular player in japan. He is very strong pitcher, because he never lost in last year's games. So he can become big star, and he made Rakuten becoming great team. Secondly, Seibu lions is Saitama prefecture's team. Famous player is Kishi Takayuki. He is the most popular pitcher in the team. Asamura Hideto is famous player too. He is very popular since he was high school students. This is because, he is very great slugger. Next team is Orix baffarows. Orix is not very popular, because the team is not strong. Recently the team is very strong. So, the team can be first prize. Orix's stadium is near my house, so the team is close to me. I have met some Orix players. Next team is Chiba Lotte marines. Famous player is Masuda Naoya. He is my university's older student. He is great pitcher. I want to meet him. Next team is Nippon hum fighters. The team is in Hokkaido. Famous player is Otani Shohei. He is great pitcher, also he is great slugger. He is same age with me. So I respect him. And Nakata sho is very great slugger. Nippon hum is very popular team in japan. Last team is Softbank hawks. The team is very strong. The team is in Fukuoka. So the team is popular in Kyoushu area. My favorite player is Imamiya Kenta. He is very handsome. I love him. He is very good at fielding. So he was selected best player of 2013. I think he will be leading player of Japanese baseball.
On the other hand, Se league has very great team. Most popular team in kansai area is Hanshin tigers. Most all of people likes the team. Hanshin tigers is a little strong every year. Hanshin tiger’s fans are very interesting and unique. I think they are very strong. This is because, they say Bronx cheer many times. It is really terrible. I think Hanshin tigers player is really hard, and they have hard mental. Hanshin tigers’ famous people is Toritani Takashi. He is very great player. He is very good at fielding. So he seldom do error. And also he keep get in a game about 1400 games. It is really great things. so he is loved by any fans. I love him too since I was elementary school student. He is really handsome. When I was child my favorite team was Hanshin tigers. But now is not. Yomiuri giants is also popular team. The team is very very strong. And there are many popular player. Sakamoto Hayato. He is very popular among women. This is because he is very handsome. And he is very good player, he is slugger and good at fielding. And Abe Shinnosuke is also popular player. He was captain of all japan team and catcher. His character is very good, so he is very popular. Many people dreamed to want to be a giant’s baseball player when they were child. Giants has many star player, so the team is very popular. By the way, I talked Hanshin tigers is very popular, and Giants is very popular. Both of team’s fans often fighting. They say tigers is stronger than giants, or giants is stronger than tigers. So tiger’s fans and giants fan cannot make good relation each other.
Se league’s famous team is giant and tigers but the others team is popular in the team’s local. Yakult sparrows and Yokohama baystars, Tyunichi Dragons and Hiroshima carps are very great teams. My most favorite team is Hiroshima carps. So I will talk about my favorite team, Hiroshima carps.
Hiroshima carp has many great player. Dohbayashi Shota is very great player. He is handsome, and to do hard practice every day. He is my favorite player. He is very popular player in carp. And Kikuchi Ryosuke is very good player too. He is very good at fielding. So they call him “look like wild monkey”. Imamura Takeru is great pitcher of carps. Maeda Kenta is best pitcher of the team. He is an ace pitcher of the team. Hiroshima carp is becoming strong, and popular. A few years ago, the team was really weak. The team was bottom of Se league every year. From last year, the team became strong, and popular.
I often go to watch baseball games. In this season, I went to watch baseball game 2 times. I went to Hiroshima to watch carp’s game. Carp won the game, so I was really excited. Moreover I went to Koshien to watch Hanshin tigers and Softbank hawks game. Hawks won. I was interesting the games. When I watched the games I became to like hawks. I thought hawks is very interesting team! So I want to cheer the team of Pa league at the time. Of course, my most favorite team is Hiroshima carp, but second most favorite team is Softbank hawks. I will go to watch the baseball games 2 times in this summer vacation. I will watch Carp vs tigers of game and hawks and lions of game. It will be exciting games. I love baseball very much. Japanese baseball is very interesting. So I recommend you watching baseball game, and going to stadium.

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