My Goals

by 059 Hiropesu on May 8, 2014 - 3:53am

I want to go to The Philippines from this August. I have goals there. That’s why I will tell you about it. First reason is that I want to improve my English abilities. I think I’m not good at listening and speaking English, so I want to improve them. However I think I cannot do that in Japan, because if I’m in Japan, I can speak Japanese, but if I’m in foreign country, I must speak English. That’s why I want to go there. Second reason is that I want to learn about their culture, life style, temper and so on. Originally I didn’t like them, but when I went to Thailand, I was very excited!!!! Especially their life style was very interesting for me, so I thought I want to research more. That’s why I want to go there. Third reason is that I want to tell about Japan to foreigners. Of course it is not only good points but also bad points. I didn’t know details of Japan, so I will research about it before going there. Therefore I can learn about not only foreign countries but also Japan!!! That’s why I want to go there. In addition, I want to make many friends, I want to eat foreign foods and so on.I think I have some problem. First problem is that my English ability is not enough, so I must study more!! Second one is that I have to save money!! I don’t have money now, so I must!!!! Final problem is that Kanjani Eight!!! I really love them, because they are cool and interesting very nuch. In addition, they were found ten years ago, so they have 10 anniversary this year!! That’s why I want to join their concert this year.


I think that your goal is very wonderful, because you always study very hard. so you can learn more. you can go to philiphins.

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