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by 002 shoko on May 8, 2014 - 3:13am

I’m going to talk about my daily life and I had a great Golden Weeks. My part-time job is a shop assistant in Family Mart. Family Mart is one of the famous convenience stores in japan. Do you know that? Apart from that Lawson and Seven Eleven are known in Japan. Which is the most famous convenience store in your country? In my opinion, I think that Family Mart is the best shop in other convenience stores.

By the way, I worked there on three-quarters in Golden Week. In there, I have my favorite male customer. I had met him in last summer for the first time. I just remember that I shamed all of the day. The reason is why he is my type. He doesn’t change that his height is short. In addition, he looks scary for me. That’s why he always looks like unfriendly but now, he smiles at me sometimes.

In this Golden Week, I met him only one time. In that time, I was not best condition. I wanted to meet my best condition. My best condition is making-up completely, using colored contact lens and having cute hair style and so on. Nevertheless, I didn’t makeup, I put on my old fashioned glasses and I rumpled hair, so things have reached the worst possible pass. After that, I couldn’t get motivated.

However, I don’t want to give up, because I want to get along with him someday. To have a good relationship, I have to be active more and more. Moreover I should smile for him when he come to my part-time job place, so I will do my best and I’m waiting for your coming to Family Mart. I really want to contribute to Family Mart!!!


your part time job is god. I wanted to work such as convenience stores. I understand that you favor male. I think you should be talked to him directly.

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