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by 021 YOUHEY on July 24, 2014 - 3:37am

We would like to talk to you about a chain of short stories about their distance. Japanese title is秒速5センチメートル. This movie was divided 3 parts. First topic name is “Oukasyou”. Second topic name is “Kosumonauto”. The last one is “秒速5センチメートル” The information I will give you is interesting because this movie is popular for young people.
I will explain background to you at first. This animation movie was made in 2007 and it was released by Makoto Shinkai. He is a little famous animation creator who made wise remarks. He said “I am not afraid of comments. As a result, it is important to have own core.” I think the core means faith.
We introduce the characters to you. Takaki Tono is the main character in Oukasyou. He is a transfer student when he was elementary school student. In addition, he is not strong his body, so he often went to school library and read interesting book. He loves Akari.
Next main character is Akari Shinohara who loves Takaki each other. She is a transfer student, too. Her hobby is as same as Takaki, so she could get along with Takaki. However she had to change to Tochigi prefecture’s school from Tokyo prefecture’s school on account of the parents when she graduated from elementary school.
Kanae Sumida is a second main character in “Kosumonauto”. She has hobby that surfing on the sea. She is second high school student and lives in Kagoshima prefecture. She is kind of interested in Takaki. She has an elder sister who is a high school teacher.
I would like to explain this love story. This movie is divided 3 parts that Oukasyou and Kosumonauto and a chain of short stories about their distance. The first part is Oukasyou. This part of story is Takaki and Akari. They were junior high school students and loved each other when they were elementary school students. However Akari transferred to other prefecture nearby his junior high school. At that time, they did not have cellular phones, so he wrote to exchanging letter with her. They have a lot of memories of elementary school life. In winter, he had to transfer to other prefecture that is very long distance, so he decided to meet her at the end. He promised her to see at the station of her nearby station at seven o’clock. Unfortunately, he was too late to arrive there because of heavy snow. But she was waiting all the time. He was convinced that he loves her. He stayed her home the night. Next day, he parted from him in front of the station. Then, he thought strongly that he wants power to protect her. This is why he really likes her, but he had not have power yet, so he left her until he gets the power.
The second part is“Kosumonauto”. The main character is Kanae Sumida who is second high school student in Kagoshima prefecture. Her hobby is surfing. She loves Takaki and has trouble. When Takaki transferred the high school, she fell in love with him at first sight. Takaki has loved Akari, but he did not contact with her by using cellphone, because he has not gotten power yet. Probably Kanae noticed that he has girlfriend. He is kind to Kanae. Although she decided to declare her love for him, she could not say that because he has a big goal, so she thought that she is not good enough for him. This part is sad and painful story.
The last one is a chain of short stories about their distance. It means秒速5センチメートル in Japanese. This part is shorter than the others. The content is Takaki and Akari were grown up and lived their life. Takaki worked as an official worker in Tokyo and associated with woman whose name is Risa Mizuno who works same company. However he could not forget Akari, so he was jilted Risa and resigned the company because of no effort. On the other hand, Akari found new other man to marry to him. Moreover she is very happy. This movie is very sad and painful for men.
I thought that most impressive scene is last one. Takaki and Akari see after crossed the railway at a crossing by accident. He realized that she is Akari. However she did not notice. He looked back the crossing train. After that, she was not there. He was just looking and thinking something. I do not know what he thought. What was he thinking about? But this scene excited my curiosity, so I chose this one.
I think that there is a little good word in this movie. Although these are my individual impression, I introduce you. “Please, don’t be more kind to me.” Kanae said in just her mind. She loved Takaki, but she knew that he keeps to loving other girl. Therefore she didn’t tell him directly. This word expressed that her feeling, which it can’t tell him. She was a very sad person. In the final part, she does not appear the story, so I do not know how she was. However I hope that she lives happily, because she is good and cute person in the story.
After watching the movie, I thought almost all men depend on own love memories, because Takaki didn’t forget his first love, so he was parted from his lover, Risa. As a result, I thought almost all men are important own first love as precious memory. On the other hand, almost all women depend on own last love. They are not important own first love. Therefore most women can change to new love quickly. This different of view is interesting for me, because I have not loved woman yet. I sometimes listen to friend’s love experience. Men and women has various thinking as same as the movie.

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