My daily life

by 007 Endo on May 1, 2014 - 4:24am

I talk about my daily life. My daily life is very simple, but recently I became a busy, because I started a part – time job. At first I get up at 7:30 or 8:30am. I live in near Hanshin Amagasaki station, so when I go to university, I use my bicycle. It is very fast. If it is rainy, I sometimes go to University by bus, but it is very rare. Next I always eat breakfast. My grandmother cooks my breakfast. I like her. I always go to University, but holiday, I hang out with my friends or girlfriend. I drive sometimes. I like watching movie in my house, so I often watch TV, and I go to my grandmother’s house. My grandmother is very kind. When I go to there, my grandmother gives me drink. I like a coffee. So I often drink a coffee. This is my daily life. I think that my life is very free, but I have to study very hard.

About the author

I was born to Hiroshima in Japan.
I'm 19 years old.
I like eating rice.
My favorite season is summer, because I go to weak board in summer.
I can enjoy my life.
I want to go to Hawaii.
Hawaii's view is very beautiful.