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by 028Joren on July 3, 2014 - 4:45am

Now, Japan has a various problems. Government bonds, relations in Korea of China and aging. Recently, I often see problem of aging and low birthrate on the TV news. When I saw this news, I always think that the TV program reports it again. I could not understand about it and I saw it like the other people's affairs. But I read CNN’s article and New Scientist’ article. I felt this problem is important for our life in the future. My idea changed by these articles.

              I will write about population of Japan and aging and low birthrate. First, I will write about problem of population. Next, I will write about problem of an aging society. Afterward, I will write about how to Solution. Finally, I will write about my opinion.

              First, I will write about problem of population. The terminal population is said to have been approximately 31,000,000-33,000,000 people in the Edo era. A population explosion was caused in Meiji era. However, the birth rate has begun to suddenly fall after World War II. The number of children whom a woman has extremely decreases now. The first reason is an unmarried persons increased. Second reason is advanced age to marry rose.

              Next, I will write about problem of an aging society. The people called "the post-baby boom generation" with the experience that played an active part in the front line of social various fields became 65 years old from 2012. They make use of various experiences and a role to lead future aged society is expected. The environment that the elderly person who retired commits sequentially is maintained, but it cannot be said that ability and the will of all elderly people are shown enough. Aging goes in the city, and there is the rise in single rate throughout the life, too, and advanced age households increase alone. In addition, a community collapses in the district in the city while I do rapid economic growth. The human relations in the community, a local power and friend power lose it; social isolation and isolated death.

              I will write about how to Solution. I have ideas from some articles. The first my idea is the aging in the city went and social isolation and a problem of the isolated death were given. I think that the people in the community should create new connections. The second my idea is an area should arrange the environment where areas are united, and an elderly person is easy to live because there are some problems to live them. Means of transportation that it hard to use to everyday shopping, the going to hospital to a hospital, an elderly person as an inconvenient point. The third my idea is elderly people suffering from dementia by increase in number of the elderly people 65 years or older increase. I think dementia to will become the bigger problem in future. So, should make the structure which can live in peace in the area that lived so long even if they suffer from dementia. My next idea is I think that the government should push forward active social realization throughout the life because as well as an income, to have a connection with a definite aim or the society for health maintenance in continuing working and participating in the NPO.

Finally, I think that these problems are difficult. However, I felt it behooves us to reflect on this matter. Because the people called "the post-baby boom generation" did their best during economic growth.


I think that your opinion is very good, because you could think deeply about Japanese pupulation. I can understand. You have good opinions.

I was able to understand problems and a reason definitely. It was easy to read your article.Thank you!

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