Kobe City

by 021 YOUHEY on May 15, 2014 - 3:43am

I live in Kobe city now. Speaking of Kobe, it is said to be famous for fashion. Actually, Kobe people care about it. Although I am different, Kobe people have good sense. Young people often go shopping at Sannomiya in Kobe. I think that this place is the most popular in this city. I sometimes go there and enjoy shopping.  

Next content is about baseball. Do you know “Koshien”? Many high school baseball teams take part in prefectural tournament every year. They practice hard to survive the game. A prefectural tournament’s winner can participate in Koshien. The representatives of 47 prefectures play some games in Koshien. I like watching it on TV. It excited me every summer.

Next, Kobe city has a nice beach. It is called Suma Beach. A lot of people visit this area to swim in summer vacation. Why do a lot of people come to this area?  It is next to Suma station, and large. Many families relax or swimming on the sea. When I was a child, I visited the beach with my family. I used to go there to see the sea except in summer, because it is more beautiful than summer. I listened to sound of waves and looked at dark sea at night. I could feel comfortable time like be an uninhabited island, so Kobe city is pretty good city in my memory.

In addition to these places, Kobe has more nice places. For example, Suma Aquarium, Suma temple and Rikyu Park. These places are nice for me, because I have some nice memories. I want to explain them, but I have no stamina to write detailed contents.


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