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by 046Tom on July 24, 2014 - 3:47am

I would like to introduce about café especially, Japanese cool café. At first, the meaning of the café is the place to drink coffee. In the past, there were only café, which is run individually so each café has different style. Now, there are many big companies in the world. Such as Starbucks, Tully’s and so on. Starbucks is the cafe, which is the most famous café in the world. Starbucks is in more than 60 countries in the world and the number of shop is more than 18000. Tully’s coffee is running from 1992 in the Seattle in U.S.A. Against to that, there are some café which is from Japan such as “Komeda coffee”, “ Hoshino Cofee” “ Doutor coffee” and so on. Komeda coffee is a Japanese café which was opened in 1968 in Nagoya. Komeda coffee is famous for Nagoya food and now there are more than 500 years in Japan. Doutoe coffee was opened in 1976 and now there are variety kind of style of shop so I cannot count that how many shops there are but I think that there are so many numbers of shops in Japan. From now on, I would like to write about the difference between Japanese café and foreign café. This is my opinion but I think that Japanese café is a café to talk and have a time to relax in there compere with that, foreign café is the café to drink coffee. Just drink a cup of coffee. This is because that I think, Japanese old style café’s coffee is little bit expensive than foreign café and it is closed so Japanese old style café provides us combatable time to relax. Compare with this, foreign style café is very opened and the price is little bit cheaper so I think that people cannot be relaxed Secondary, I think that Japanese old style café has fewer menu than foreign café. Like Starbucks, in the foreign café, there are many menu especially for the young people compare with that, Japanese café has only, straight coffee so I think that it is for elder people.
By here, I introduced about Japanese old style café and recent foreign café so from now on, I would like to introduce about recent Japanese unique cool café. Firstly, I would like to introduce about net café. Net café is actually café but this cafe is quite different form normal café. In the net café, there are computer, which can use the Internet, a lot of books which we can read and surprisingly, we can sleep in the net café. The most different point from normal café is that each person has a time in each room. In the net café, the space is divided for each person so people can have private space and time. Because there is a private room for each people, people can use computer freely and read books freely and also people can sleep in the room. I think that the best points of net café is that people can sleep in the room and usually, almost all net café is opened all the day so people can use net café as a hotel. The price is very low. Of course net café is a café so people can eat dishes and drink. Another reason that why net café is popular in Japan is that there are so many kind of books. There are not only novels but also there are comic, magazine and so on. Especially comics, there are not only old comics but also new comics so I think that there are people who go to net café to read new comics. Like these, we can use net café for many purposes. I think net café is a cool café of Japan. Secondary, I would like to introduce about “meido kissa”. About meido kissa, it is named “kissa” but actually, it is a kind of café. Before I introduce about “meido kissa”, I think that I should introduce about “meido”. Originally, Meido was written as maid still now, the meaning of the meido is as same as “maid” so “meid kissa” means that the café which maid is working. Meid kissa is quite different from normal café. At first, in theMeido kissa, there are only women and the women are dressing up. The largest customer is older man. They enjoys women’s costume and cute style. The most unique point is that women cast a spell to the drink or to the dishes such as “ be delicious” and so on. I think that Meido kissa is little bit expensive but older man often goes to Meido kissa. Thirdly, I would like to introduce about another unique Japanese cool café “cat café” As name said, cat café is a café where there are cats. Customer can come in contact with cats in there. Of course customer can drink coffee, tea and so on. In Japan, there are not only cat café but also other kinds of animal café. They are “rabbit café, dog café, birds café, goat café and so on. I think that there are more animal café in Japan in the future.
As I introduced, even in Japan, foreign café is more famous than Japanese style café or Japanese cool café now but in Japan, there are so many kinds of cool café which foreign country don’t have. Therefore there are many visitors from foreign countries who came Japan to go to such a cool, unique café. I think that now, Japanese people prejudice such a cool unique Japanese café. Especially, many people prejudice “Meido kissa”. Many people are thinking that the person who goes to “Meido Kissa” is strange. I think it is not good. I think that especially we Japanese people should have pride to such a unique café but I think that both of them have good points so I hope that more people like those café and use such café and I hope that there are more Japanese cool café not only in Japan but also in the foreign countries.

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