Japan supports Cambodian children

by 007 Endo on June 5, 2014 - 3:45am

I talk about Cambodia’s poverty in Africa. Cambodia is not rich country, so there are many problems. Cambodian children are very poor, because they don’t have money and they can’t go to school.

First I talk about the present circumstance. There is a history that Cambodia had received foreign domination for a long time. It became independent from France in 1953, but the civil war lasted until 1991 and thereafter. They take out the many refugees nation collapse. I still located in the middle of rebuilding the country. This is the current situation of Cambodia economy that is among the poorest countries in Asia, it is made up by aid from various countries. Therefore, the environment surrounding the children born to poor family child labor and street children, such as human trafficking will not improve quite. Also Opportunity for the child is often involved in sexual exploitation. HIV / Aids infection rate of children is higher. Growth rate of the infection even in the best in Asia, about 26 million people infected by 2002, 90,004 thousand people have died (UNICEF Country Report 2001), and it’s up to 2,592 deaths of children. Children of 2,614 people have been infected in 2001.

Next I talk about Japan of support. Japan supports Cambodia, and they help Cambodia children. KnK is NGO groups, they started the support of a local NGO in 1998, young people older than 15 years old for most of the aid organization to accept younger children must go out of the facility, street life again as a result I got to know the current status of the case would go back to that not a few. Here, then, are these children can play the true independence, in September 2000, KnK was established in Battambang City "house of youth" self-support facility to accept the youth of the late teens. Still, we have activities that it provides a safe and education food, clothing and shelter to youth in the environment disadvantaged, the opportunity of vocational training, it tries to break the chain of poverty.

I think that house of youth is very important, because it can change children life. A lot of people can’t receive education, but if they could go to school, they change their mind. Then they makes happy. Children have to grow up, but they don’t have time of study, and they don’t have places to effort, so house of youth can provide like this. Also children can become independent from now on, and they live together under one roof. They have to get over their hardship in past.

Finally I talked about Japan is supporting Cambodian children. I think that many Cambodian children is confuse every day, so they stole other people’s things, but Japanese people teaches important things in their life, because they want to live an honest, and Japanese people thinks they want to study, because Cambodian children should have a dream. It is very important for them to grow up from now on.




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