Impression by Caroline Kennedy

by Kosuke on April 24, 2014 - 3:51am

<p align="left">I knew about Caroline Kennedy before I read this column and I could knew more deeply. Caroline Kennedy has become the first female U.S.A ambassador in Japan, so I think the Japanese need to know about her. Then she visited in Minamisanriku because an earthquake occurs at Tohoku. I think it is very important for Japan and America if they keep a good relationship. She did her best to solve a problem that is about Senkaku, but she made a rude when she met Emperor Akihito in Japan. She wore informal dress. It can’t forgive for Japanese people. Recently, she took a Maglev train when she visited Japan. She said “it is comfortable for me to take a Maglev train” and the Prime Minister Abe wishes many American people use the Maglev train. I think Japanese can be proud of Japanese technology, so I hope it will get around Japanese technology all over the world.</p>


You are clever because you know about him before reading. If you live in Japan or you study the English, this knowledge make you help. So you are great!!

That's right, you said. It is easy for me to understand your opinion. Please write to be more easy for me to read!!!!!ww
I want you to speak English with me. You send Line by English yesterday.
It is so good. Please continue to it.

Thanks to your article, I could know about carline kennedy well. I want to continue to read your airticle so please cpntinue to write more.

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