Huzita Den (merchant)

by 021 YOUHEY on May 22, 2014 - 1:46am

Huzita Den is a great entrepreneur in Japan. He was born in March 13 in 1926 at Osaka Prefecture. He set up two famous businesses whose name is Macdonald and Toysrus. Probably most people know this name. Macdonald is a very famous food shop and Toysrus is a big toys shop. His name’s origin is Christian’s cross. He graduated from the law department of Tokyo University in1951 and became the president of company after a few years ago. In 1971, he established the biggest American Macdonald and Japanese Macdonald company in Japan. At that time, he opened the first Japanese Macdonald shop in Ginza, and he increase more and more shops smoothly. Only 10 years later, he was a top in the food of abroad business world. In 1981, he opened the first Japanese toysrus shop in the whole country, and he increase more and more shops smoothly, too. In 2000, the Japanese business condition is deflation, but he managed to overcome the time to sell half price goods only ordinary days. This new plan helped his business. Moreover he developed his contribution than before. However he stopped his business that sell half price goods, because of Japanese economy was inflation. Then, many people did not buy anything there, because the goods were not reasonable for consumers. He was very surprised and he immediately started the business plan again. In spite of his effort, his policy did not run well, and his body condition would be bad. He was a serious illness. Therefore he gave up his company and would be a chairman in 2002. Then he show a loss at that time at first. In his life, he made some a little good wise remark. For example, he said that “smile makes a lot of money in a shop as same as healthy body makes healthy good mind.” I think that this word is nice, because his idea is relevant remark. When the shoppers are smiling in a whole day, they make the customer to happy and the shopper earn can much money. It is truly a case of killing two birds with one stone each other. I think that this is ideal society. Not only Macdonald and toysrus but also all company can do it. If the plan could carry out all over the world and earn much money, all the countries of the world people would be happy. The Japanese economy and other country’s economy would restore. This is ideal imagination. On the other hand, he said feasible thing that “Might makes is right in the business. Enterprise has to win. Manager who cannot achieve result say anything, it is just like the howling of a defeated dog to say in the world. A loser only fall.” This is cruel, but this is a reality. Therefore if you will be a winner in the business, you study hard. Although he had already died for 10 years ago, his contribution is great, because Macdonald and toysrus is famous.


I read your article. When I was high school student, I was work in Mcdonald.
I don't know who set up Mcdonald in Japan, but I can understand now.
Your article is very easy to understand!!

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