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I would like to talk about hunger. Hunger is one of the biggest problems in the world. Hunger means that people cannot eat anything, and become lack of nutrition. Therefore they are in trouble because of it. Hunger effects a lot of people. Especially, kids who are born before and after. They have extraordinary. For example, pneumonia, diarrhea, HIV and so on. 300,000 kg delivered by Cozmoz in 2013.  



Cozmoz food bank where is in Kansai area was delivering 300,000 kg of foods for a lot of people who the under privileged for free. Cozmoz felt sad when it see neighbors who are lack of foods, and it give a helping hand to them.



People who take part in the volunteer understand a lot. People who bless and are in trouble are in one side, and are rich in another side, and people who are not troubled by the life are in this society. There are many gap between rich and poor is getting wider today so it decided that it have to do something.



The board chairman of Cozmoz said like that.

The single mother who thought was too shameful was in asking "To help us" to people who live in the neighborhood. She has starved to death together with a baby. The thing was broadcasted on the news.



The current poverty rate is over 16 percent and that means that one in seven of the people around us is in economic distress.This figure shows that one out of seven people who live around us is economically in pain.


I read your post but it was very confusing if I didn't read the article first.
I thought if you wrote the sentence that chairman said after the first line in the body 3 it'll be easier to read.

thank you for your comment, i'll try to write an article next.

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