How Toyota was succeed(Merchant)

by 046Tom on May 22, 2014 - 3:47am



Today, I will talk about Toyota. Toyota was found by Sakichi Toyoda in September 1933. One day He thought that we Japanese should make cars when he saw the road, which moves only American cars. He was working at the textile company. In spite of he was in the textile company, he asked to his manager that he wants to make a car. Of course, Japanese didn’t have skill to make cars at that time so the manager refused it. However, he did not give up to make it. He gathered some man who has a high technical skills. They started to make cars but it is so hard to make the cars for them. The time has gone and only money was run out. Suddenly, the man who learned skill to make cars in America came to Sakichi’s company. He taught skills to make cars to the technical expert. With difficulty, they could make engine for the first time. They could make a first car made in Japan. They tested the car by drive it by Nagoya to Tokyo. The test was succeed so that they wanted to started to sell it. There are next trouble. Because there were no man who sold cars made in Japan so retail business refused to sell cars made in Japan. Finally, Sakichi could find the shop which deal with their car. At that time, Sakichi independent from textile company and he named his new company “Aichi cars”. In those days, track was demanded than a private car so retail company require to make a high quality of track. However, of course, Aichi company have never made track and didn’t have such a skill. Sakichi decided to make a lot of cars without any test. Factory began to make a lot of tracks but it cause so many troubles. Everyday, technical went to fix tracks. By fixing many tracks, the reason of trouble was found. Since then little trouble was caused so Aichi company could get the trust that Aichi’s car is good. Then, president Sakichi thought that he wanted to make a family car. Government ordered Aichi Company to make tracks for the world war too. After the World War, Aichi company had little money so they had to carry out many people. But president Sakichi didn’t want to carry out everyone but of course there are many people and company had to pay money to them so company became the red. Because of Aichi company became the red, there are some strike by the employee. Finally Aichi company could gather he money by support of Japanese government. Instead of lend money Japanese government run Aichi company so government told the company to carry out some hundreds of people. President Sakichi really didn’t want to carry out anymore so finally, Sakichi retired with employees. And then the company changed name to Toyota Company. Like this, there were so many trouble to make a succeed business. Now, Toyota is one of the most famous company around the world. That’s why I thought that Toyota has succeed business.



You have a good way to explain the history of Toyota. I watched a drama about the history of Toyota industry and I was moved by it.

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