How can we solve hanger and poverty.

by 046Tom on June 5, 2014 - 3:39am


This time I would like to talk about hanger and poverty.

 At first, I will talk about starving. Even now, in the world, 9250000000 people are suffering from starving. That number means that one child is dying per five seconds because of starving. Like this, there are enormous numbers of people who are starving in the world. The people is usually in the developing countries. However, in the developed countries, people are wasting large number of food, which we can eat. In our country Japan, it is a usual thing that we waste food. Of course it is wasteful things. Actually, in Japan, people are wasting food about 20000000kg. Opposite to that the amount of food of a person is only180kg. It means, if we can reduce the amount of wasting food or if we can export the amount of food to the developing countries, many people will be saved from starving. It is also said to about water. In the developing countries, people can drink only dirty water or there are areas where there is no water. Oppose to that, especially in Japan, we can drink clean water in anywhere. It is connecting to the poverty. To be able to drink clean water is a great thing. People who are living developing countries drink dirty water, which contains some disease germ. It may cause serious diseases. Because of these problems about dirty water, about 2200000 people are dying in a year. If the country developed and the water changed to the clean water, any people may die.


 Secondary, I would like to talk about poverty. As you know, Japan is developed country, so every child can go to the school and all of children are educated. Japanese think that it is normal things that every child goes to school and almost of child goes to university and they will get job. However for the developing countries, it is unusual things. Almost of every child cannot go to school and they cannot be educated so they cannot go to university and also they cannot get a job. It means that the people who live in developing country cannot earn any money. Because they can earn little money, they cannot buy enough food, drink, clothes and so on. I think that unless the developing country become developed country, the problem of poverty will be continuing forever. Even if the people can get some jobs, the wages is too low to let children go to school. I think that if people can earn enough money to let children go to school, children can go to university and then, children can get job which is able to earn high salary. However I also think that there are few jobs in the developing countries. This is one reason that people cannot earn money so I think developed countries like Japan, U.S.A, UK and so on should support developing countries. For example, developed country should make well in the developing countries. By making well, new job is made in developing countries. I think that this is one way to solve poverty

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