History of TOYOTA

by 007 Endo on May 8, 2014 - 3:46am

I talk about history of TOYOTA. TOYOTA is the most popular in Japan. It is the number one company in Japan. TOYOTA is very big company in Japan, and there are many good cars in the world, so TOYOTA is very famous company. My father rides on TOYOTA’s car. Many people use TOYOTA’s cars.  Why TOYOTA very popular? So I introduce about history of TOYOTA.

   Firstly, Toyota sakichi made TOYOTA in 1933. Then he made small trucks. After that his son’s a brother-in-law started making car production, and they changed name from TOYODA to TOYOTA, because this design is smart and the number of strokes is very good omen. When Japan was the Pacific war, TOYOTA’s president changed in 1941. Then they produced military car, but it lacks supplies. After the war, the world causes dodge line, so Japan was deflation in1950. So they can’t run company. President resigned. But according to the Korea war, TOYOTA made many military track. So TOYOTA didn’t go bankrupt, and they thought that they make domestic cars. After that they got a lone from a bank. Those banks are very big. Especially, Teikoku bank is very big. It is called Mitsui Sumitomo bank now. Next they produced long-time seller. Crown ran between London and Japan in 1956, so it became a confidence. After that they sold many various cars. Also they thought about environment. They dealt with pollution issue. They made other stores in Japan. They started high- grade brand. It is Lexus. They proved that a Japanese car passed as a high-quality car. In 1997, TOYOTA made sold first Hybrid car in world.

   I think that TOYOTA is very strong company, because they cooperated with each other, and their technique is very good. TOYOTA will grow up from now on. Also they keep the number one.

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