"Greatful of Caroline Kennedy"

by Tomoya on April 24, 2014 - 4:23am

This is about Caroline Kennedy who has become the first female U.S. ambassador in japan. She traveled to the northeast of the country to visit areas devastated by the 2011 tsunami. The name of this place is Minami sanriku. There are a lot of houses which by a disaster. She went to there and talked with the women about their lives and then she admired their courage and resilience. And also she was just one of several new ambassadors to visit the emperor. I think she is great one of the women. I have never heard like this news, so I think she is great.

 By the way, the ambassador falls into three categories. There are academic experts on japan, Secondly, political heavyweights. And last one is the personally appointed by the president. She falls into the last categories. I think many of Japanese think that she is great woman. Now japan and Korea talk about senkaku islands. I think it’s own japan, so this is not Korea I think. I want to them to get along with in the future.


this article is so helpfull for me to read, and it makes me try to read. cool.

As an Ambassador, is there something that, you being Japanese, would like Caroline Kennedy to do?

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