global warming

by 048 minami on July 3, 2014 - 10:18pm

Global warming.

Hello, recently japan is becoming summer from rainy season. Japanese degrees are getting up. It is very humid, and it is not comfortable for me. Today I would like to talk about global warming.
what is global warming problem ? This problem is that the earth is becoming warm,because of increasing Gas that is like Carbon dioxide, Metan gas. Why these Gas is increasing? This is because, human activity bad effect on the earth. Global warming is getting serious every year. Degrees of the earth is getting up every year.
what's problem will happen on the earth because of global warming? For example,
increasing degrees cause to melt ice of the Antarctic pole.
to loss of land thorough rising sea levels.
To increasing storm and abnormal weather.
To rob from animals. To run desertification many city.
To increase infection like malaria.
Cannot grow up crop.
Lack of energy.
Global warming effect on the earth these problem.
secondly, I will talk about cause of the problem. At first, to increase degrees cause to melt ice of the Antarctic pole. This is because, the earth's degree is getting warmer and warmer everyday, every year. Therefore ice is getting melt every year. To melt ice of the Antarctic cause means losing animal's house, for example white bear and penguins. In fact a number of penguins is decreasing. Penguins cannot live in warm place, so penguins may be going to disappear. I love penguins, so I'm sad. Moreover, to melt ice of the Antarctic is cause of to loss of land thorough rising sea levels. If to melt ice of the Antarctic, the ice become water, and rise sea level, and many island will be disappear. For example tubal, the problem is very serious in the country. If the country will disappear, the country's culture would disappear. Not only culture, but also history, and citizens memories will disappear in the future. Tuvalu and fegy island is really serious problem.
global warming cause desertification. Desertification is phenomenon that is city becoming desert. There is no forest in desert. Therefore there is no water too. People cannot live in there. Not only people but also wild animals are damaged by desertification. Many animals will lose their house. Animal may disappear. Recently, many kind of animals will die out. For example, panda, gollira, tortes, monkey, and so on. There is 300 endangered species animals in the world. People effect on animals. I think people is very bad, and egoist. So, people have to think about animals and nature. Egoist is very bad.
global warming cause acid rain. Acid rain is strong power. The rain can melt iron and cement. The strong power damage on nature. Tree and forest and mountain will be die, because of acid rain. These nature cannot recover. Nature will disappear in the world. I think it is very bad for us. If there is no forest, mountain, and tree, carbon dioxide will be increase in the earth. Increasing carbon dioxide cause global warming. Nature is very important for the earth.
to protect the earth, we have to do many things. For example to protect, don't use shower too much, and don't watch TV too much, and don't use air conditioner too much and so on. I think too much is too bad for global warming. Saving energy is very important for global warming. Saving energy is really difficult for us. This is because, energy is really convenient for us. We cannot live without energy. To save energy is difficult for us. But people have to save energy for global warming. I think people should save a little every day. For example decreasing time to use shower one minute, and degree of air conditioner up or down, and to use public transportation. A little conscious will be big power. So, people can save energy.
I think global warming is very serious problem. People should stop the problem.
People have to stop the problem. Global warming effect on animals and natures and of course human. People are only bad. Animals and nature is not bad.
every one think about the problem all the time. And people have to be kind for the earth.


Hi Minami-san!! I read your report. I think that global warming is very serious problem, too.
And people should stop the problem. However, this problem is very difficult. So we have to measure something.
I agree your opinion.

I think solving the problems of global warming is difficult.
However, if citizen make an effort, for example,using fan, saving water and electricity, the environment will be improved better.
I try to do it to stop global warming even a little.

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