Global warming

by 028Joren on July 3, 2014 - 4:48am

What is global warming? “Infrared rays emitted in the atmosphere from the surface of the earth which warmed by light of the sun are absorbed to greenhouse gas such as carbon dioxide on the way. At that time, thermal energy to appear warms the surface of the earth”. Came to use the fossil fuel in large quantities, and the density of greenhouse gas increased. For example, car, electricity and oil.

              First, I will introduce about some causes of global warming. Next, I will write about ways to stop global warming. Finally, I will write about effects of global warming.

              First, I will introduce about some causes of global warming. The modern earth becomes warmest in the past 1400 years. Why? The reason is human activities. The warming was caused by human activities, 97% of climatologists seemed to answer. After a start of the Industrial Revolution of the 18th century, the density of atmospheric greenhouse gas suddenly increased by use of the fossil fuel by human activities or a decrease in forest. It is thought that the atmospheric greenhouse effect was strengthened by this greenhouse gas which suddenly increased with a cause of the global warming.

Next, I will write about ways to stop global warming. First, I introduce international action. "United Nations frame treaty (UNFCCC) that the United Nations adopted in 1992 about the climate change". A concrete policy for stabilization of the density of greenhouse gas was considered here. The agreement document which obliged the developed country to discharge reduction of the greenhouse gas in Kyoto in 1997 was finished. It called “京都議定書”. The Japanese reduction target was to reduce a mean discharge from 2008 through 2012 of 5 years 6% in comparison with the standard year. The result, this aim were accomplished. Aiming at new international agreement, a meeting of the United Nations about a climate change held in November, 2011 was held. In addition, they will continue arguing for agreeing in a meeting held in 2015. Another one is our action. The biggest problem is reduction of the quantity of carbon dioxide emission. To that end, it is necessary to reduce consumption of the fossil fuel. 20% of the carbon footprint is drained from our everyday life by heating, use of the gas for cooking, the use of the electric appliance and the use of the car. I recommend Cool Biz and with the use of the car near at hand, use a bus, a train and public transport, a bicycle. Because you do not depend on an air-conditioning machine and suppress the use of the gasoline and can reduce carbon dioxide.

Finally, I will write about effects of global warming. The mean temperature of Japan rises in the ratio of approximately 1.1 degrees Celsius in 100 years after 1898. With a rise in temperature, increase on a tropical night and an extremely hot day, and the winter sunshine decreases. The days of the heavy rain tend to increase in the long term. In addition, Time of the flowering of the cherry tree is advanced with a change of the temperature. Come to flower recently in Kanto, Tokai, Kinki, the Chugoku district at the same time in ten years. It is predicted that the rain tends to become strong at the time of typhoon and hurricane by global warming. In addition, earth 90% or more of thermal energy accumulated altogether are absorbed in the ocean. Seawater expands by a rise in seawater temperature, and sea surface water level rises worldwide. It is direct, and the marine warming may have a big influence on our society indirectly. However, the ocean absorbs approximately 30% of carbon dioxide and suppresses the rise in density of atmospheric carbon dioxide.

              I have watched news of the global warming on the TV in addition, I have learned about the global warming from the textbook when I was a junior high school student. I want to save electricity for future children.





I agree with your opinions, because you could think deeply about global warming. I think you will solve this problems.

I was able to understand influence and a cause and measures of the global warming.
I agree your opinion that is ”I want to save electricity for future children .”

I read your article. Your article was very cleary, so I could understand. I didn't know that ocean absorbs approximately 30% of carbon dioxide. When I read this, I was very surprise. Supposing global warming progresses, it becomes impossible for human to live on the earth in the future. So I agree with your opinion.

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