Global warming

by 046Tom on June 26, 2014 - 3:44am



I would like to talk about global warming. As you know, global warming is going on. Global warming causes many serious problems to us such as rising level of the sea, warming temperature and so on. These problems cause some other problems too. Global warming makes a lot of bad problems to us however, the root of global warming is actually us human. The element of global warming is a green house gas and the elements of green house gas are CO2, methane and so on. Green house gas is a gas, which covers earth, and because gas is covering the earth, the light of the sun reflects and reflects so the temperature of the earth us rising up. Even now, the amount of green house gas is increasing. Compare the temperature of the earth with 30 years ago and now 2014, 0.75 degree was increased. In addition, compare the temperature with last 100 years and these 30 years, the rising percentage of temperature of these 30 years is higher than that of last 100 years. If this situation keeps on going until 2100, 4.8 degree will be increased. During last 100 years, the level of the sea was increased 19 centimeters. If the situation keeps on going, the level of the sea also will be increased. Until 2100, the level of the sea is increased 82 centimeters. Japan center for climate change actions said these things. These tow problems make many other problems too. At first, rising temperature cause serious problem to Japan. Now, in the tropical island, there are many diseases that are caused by mosquito. That mosquito can live only in Tropical Island it means, that mosquito can live only in hot place. If Japanese temperature is increased that the mosquito is able to live enough, the mosquito will moved to Japan and begin to spread the disease. Secondly, by increasing temperature, water will be evaporated so Japan will be poor at water. Thirdly, because temperature is increased, people may use air conditioner more than now so the problem will be serious one. Next, I would like to talk about the influence of rising level of the sea. In the world, there are so many islands that the altitude is too low. Even now, many islands has problem that the island is going under water such as Tuvalu. In Tuvalu, people are scaring that every day, high wave is coming to the island and break many things. If global warming is going on, more islands will be going under water. Why level of the sea is rising up because of the global warming?  This is because ice of both of North Pole and South Pole is melting. By melting ice of North Pole and South Pole, the amount of water of the sea is increased. Like these things, global warming influences badly a lot to us. There are more serious problems of global warming. One of them is extraordinary weather. Recently in Japan, much extraordinary weather is happened. They are, hard raining, tornado and so on. Maybe many Japanese know that many disasters are happened in these days. Raining hardly only in certain place or suddenly big tornado is happened in certain place. Those disasters cause serious damage to us. These damages are also caused in foreign countries too. I have heard that tornado is caused suddenly in U.S.A. Much rain is caused in the future than now because of global warming, it will influences on Japanese agriculture too. As you know, plants need water however, too much water will be damage to the plants. Also, as I wrote many times, temperature will be increased these things mean that the environment for the plants will be so bad.

 From now on, I would like to talk about solutions of global warming. They are very easy to do for us. At first, we should reduce to use air conditioner. Secondary, we should not use cars and prefer to use public transportation. If we use public transportation such as train or city train, we can reduce a lot of amount of CO2. Thirdly, they is a very usual things. We should turn off the light when we don’t use or don’t open the door of the refrigerator too much time. Like these things, there are so many solutions that we even we can do easily. I think that we have to do from now.  


I am Yurika. Your article was very informative and I haven't thought about the diseases until now..
It is very scary to think about all these tyhings that might happen and I think that this is also a reason why many people don't like to think about it. I try to do all these things, but sometimes it seems like not many people care about doing that and I am starting to think : "What use is it, if just few people are taking part in making the world greener, but the majority does not?" Still, I am doing what I can and I think many people, too. However, I wished, the politicians would decide on a detailed plan how to reduce the emissions of their country.What do you think, will the politicians ever reach a useful decision?
Your text was a little difficult to read as you made only one paragraph, but the whole text was otherwise easy to follow and I thought it was good, that you related the infos to the situation in Japan.

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