Global waring

by 007 Endo on June 26, 2014 - 4:27am

I talk about global warming. Global warming is very famous problem in the world. There are many influences, so we try to solve global warming’s problems. I think that global warming is difficult things, because we take many times to solve global warming, but people can’t improve about global warming. We should think about global warming more deeply. I talk about three things. Firstly I talk about global warming’s the present circumstance. Secondly I talk about problems due to global warming. Thirdly I talk about solution. Finally I talk about my opinion.

Firstly I talk about global warming’s the present circumstance. Did people know about global warming? What causes global warming? Carbon dioxide and other air pollution that is collecting in the atmosphere like a thickening blanket, trapping the sun's heat and causing the planet to warm up. Coal-burning power plants are the largest U.S. source of carbon dioxide pollution. They produce 2.5 billion tons every year. Automobiles, the second largest source, create nearly 1.5 billion tons of CO2 annually. Also it becomes hotter in the summer than old days and becomes warm in winter recently. When this temperature change makes average of the earth, only in comparison with 100 years ago 0.5 degrees rises In the latest report of the engine (IPCC) of the. United Nations, "a rise of up to 6.4 degrees in temperature that is a rise in temperature that is more than 10 times than conventional 100 years is predicted in the next 100 years".

Secondly I talk about global warming’s influences. By global warming, change and abnormal weather of the rainfall come to occur frequently. The influence on plant is big, too, and the extinction of extinction of the forest and the straight seed is predicted. When the forest of the Amazon turns into desert 50 years later, there is the prediction. (British blue book) In addition, abnormal weather occurs frequently in all parts of the world, and the influence of the global warming has already begun. There are other influences. Because ice of the South Pole melts by a rise in temperature, sea level climbs into number. It is warned of the most of the country being buried in water in Bangladesh, dozens of countries including the Maldives. Assets more than 90 trillion yen are lost around Tokyo of the submergence area, an urban area including Osaka only by sea level rising approximately 1 meter in Japan, and it is predicted that I suffer big damage. Sea level rises 7 meters only by a one-tenth of the ice of the South Pole melting. The temperature of the South Pole already rises 2.5 degrees Celsius, and some huge icebergs of the size of Boso Peninsula begin to begin to flow. As for the temperature of the polar of regions rises more than 10 degrees Celsius are predicted in the next 100 years, and NASA warns it when ice of the Arctic Ocean disappears now in the end of the century. Also the biggest problem of the global warming is that water and food are short worldwide. It is predicted that approximately 5 billion people equal to most of the world population become the shortage of water in (2025) 15 years later. In addition, the crop of rice decreases by 80% in China, and, within the next 100 years, crops such as the wheat largely decrease in Brazil and India, and a serious famine is warned, and Japan relies on most of the food for the import from the other countries, so Japan is the highest country of the risk of the food shortage.

Thirdly I talk about solution. It is very simple. We should save electricity, and we have to reduce CO2. If we can do it, we will solve global warming.

I think that many people don’t think about global warming. If we could reduce CO2, global warming will improve. So we should change our life. We have to do economy, because it is very important things. I think that Japan discharge a lot of the amount of emission. Japanese people have to think more. Global warming is serious problem. We try to change from now on. I think we can solve global warming.



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