Globa warming

by 021 YOUHEY on June 26, 2014 - 3:51am

Global warming is very serious problem for earth and all over the world people. I think that everyone knows this meaning, but I explain it means the increase in temperature of the earth’s atmosphere, that is caused by the increase of particular gases, especially carbon dioxide. Therefore it is serious problem or bad thing. In fact, world temperature is rising gradually. For example, Japanese temperature is higher than last year. The average of temperature in Japan is little high unfortunately. In the world, a rise in ocean level is grave problem for people who live in island because of melting the Arctic Ocean’s ice. Famous islands are Tuvalu. The island has trouble. Global warming rises surface of the sea, so the islands may sink into the sea in the future because of global warming. The island’s people have to leave there. I think that it very cruel for them. They throw away the mother country. People say that it is not related for us, but they are irresponsibility and selfish. Global warming is related to developed and developing country’s people like America or China. However it is possible to solve someday even many people are conscious aware of their life. For example, in summer you do not use the air conditions and turn off the light neatly and so on. Although these are very small, there are so great powers that many people cooperate with each other and continue to everyday. But people cannot help using convenient tools. It is difficult problems. Human beings are weak to desire. According to the internet site, there are eight solutions. First solution is “Boosting energy efficiency”.  Now many people use power of heat and cool at home. This is the largest influential problem. We have to use them efficiency to improve the global warming immediately and we can save money and energy, too. Second solution is “Greening transportation”. It takes long time to carry out the plan, because we plant the trees and raise them every day. Green plants can exchange the carbon dioxide to oxygen. This action is called photosynthesis generally. The third solution is “Revving up renewables”. Renewable energies are solar, wind, geothermal and bioenergy. They are in the whole world. Solar power is warm, so it stores electricity. Wind power is same, too. It saves electricity by using windmills. Some windmills set in Japan. There are a lot of windmills in Hokkaido and Tohoku district. But geothermal and bioenergy is not famous in Japan. These energies are free, so Japanese government should introduce to them actively. The forth solution is “Phasing out fossil fuel electricity”. Present Japan makes use of thermal power generations by using fossil fuel and nuclear power generations. Thermal power plants invent huge energy from fossil fuel, but it is limited objects, so we will run out of them in the future. We do not rely on them. Next nuclear power generation is kinder than thermal power generation. However it is very dangerous. In fact, earth quake in Kanto district has been occurred serious problems for 3 years ago. This is why Japanese government should restrict them carefully. The fifth solution is related to forth solution. It is “Exploring nuclear”. Although nuclear is dangerous, we have to utilize it. Therefore I can not survive without it. Japanese government need to prevent nuclear plant from big disaster. Sixth solution is “Managing forests and agriculture”. A few Japanese people cut trees in the forest and live a simple life. Moreover trees in the world forest are cut down. Especially developing countries are heavy. Actually, Chinese air pollution is very serious problem for Japan because of deforestation. Seventh solution is “Developing and deploying new low-carbon and zero-carbon technologies”. World technology is evolving now, so great ideas and machines are invented by scientists. After that, they use them soon. The last one is “Ensuring sustainable development”.

              I explained the eighth solutions to you. In these, I think that “Revving up renewables” is the best for the earth, because it use windmills and solar power. They are unlimited natural energy. I was attracted to the great energy. If the plan was carried out all the counties of the world, global warming would be no problem.


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