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by 018 chiho on May 21, 2014 - 11:20am

Sanrio is one of Japanese famous company. The company’s product are social communication gift goods, greeting card, publish matter, administration of restaurant, manufacture of movie and video software, live entertainment, permission to use copyright and theme park. The name of this company “Sanrio” originates from Spanish “San Rio”. In Spanish, “San” means “a person that the Christian Church recognizes as being very holy, because of the way they have lives or died” and “Rio” means “a natural flow of water that continues in a long line across land to the sea”. Therefore “Sanrio” means “sacred river”. The worker think “We want to lay the sacred culture near the river that is told the first mankind started to live” and wish for “A crowd of people are considerate of others, and we want to live in perfect harmony”. This company is famous for original character goods, for example, Hello Kitty, My Melody, Little Twin Stars (Kiki and Lala), Cinnamoroll, Coro Coro Kuririn, Kero Kero Keroppi and so on. The number of such characters are more than 400, especially I do love Hello Kitty, so I have a lot of goods. I wrote about history of Sanrio. In 1960, Yamanashi silk center corporation was built to aim at foundation of social communication business. In 1962, the first original character, Ichigo was developed and started to sell. In 1966, a collection of poems “sweet songs” was published. In 1969, Sanrio greeting company was built. In 1971, a first shop under the direct management “Gift Gate” was built at Sinjuku. In 1973, Yamanashi silk center corporation change the name to Sanrio corporation, and move to Shinagawa. In 1973, the first restaurant “Sanrio Salon” was built at Gotanda. In 1973, Sanrio corporation incorporated with Sanrio greeting company and started to produce movies. In 1974, Hello Kitty and Patty And Jimmy was developed. In 1974, Sanrio Film Corporation of America was built in Hollywood and started to produce movies. In 1975, the Hello Kitty’s first good was released “mini purse”, and Ichio newspaper has been published, and the first movie “A Little Jumbo” was released, and My Melody, Little Twin Stars was developed. In 1976, started a permission service of the use of original character, and local Sanrio Inc and Gift Gate was built in California, and the first Sanrio Festival was held. In 1977, the expansion of the management of goods and the computer section to Nakanoshima. In 1978, the original movie “love family” receive Academy Award, and an animation movie “Metamorphoses” was showed in USA. In 1990, Sanrio puroland was opened in Tokyo. In 1991, harmonyland was opened. In 2000, the number of a sale unit was cut from 1000 shares to 100 shares. In 2001, Cinnamoroll was developed. In 2008, Hello Kitty was appointed to “Visit Japan Campaign ambassador ”, and “Jewel Pet” was developed. In 2009, Sanrio Entertainment to give unification to theme park business. In 2010, celebrated the 50th anniversary. Sanrio is such wonderful company, by the way, I do love Hello Kitty!! Please interest in Sanrio character.


I founded a Japanese company called Sanrio and knew it. I read this article and thought that Sanrio was the company which made rapid progress very much. Sanrio begins with a mascot character and then plays an active part in a wide field. For example, there are the lots such as the shows in the theme park in a brand and collaboration and the others of the commercial. Sanrio made rapid progress all the time to here, but a stock decreases in these past several years and thinks that it is at of the patience now. I think that I rise suddenly to the greater company by getting over here. I liked Hello Kitty, too. Sandals of Hello Kitty were popular me very much at time of the junior high student. I wore sandals of Hello Kitty, too. There were a lot of people who wore sandals of Hello Kitty in those days because there was not yet clocks. I have a very cute face of Hello Kitty. I am healed very much by it.

Thank you for your comment. I think that Hello Kitty is so cute, too! I do love the character. I'm glad that you are interested in the topic.

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