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by 059 Hiropesu on May 8, 2014 - 4:47am

I went to Tsu-tenkaku with Fumiko, MacAuley and Freshmen. It is Sunday Trip. I went to there for the first time, so I was very exciting!! At first, we went to Tsu-tenkaku, and we ate Kushikatsu. It was so delicious for me. after that we entered Tsutenkaku, and then we took many pictures, we bought souvenirs, we checked about Osaka and so on. Then we were talking very much, so we could have a good relationship each other. After that we went to Abe no Harucus. It was very tall, because it is the tallest building in Japan. I was very surprised about it. Finally we went to have a dinner. We went to Q’s Moll in Osaka, and then we ate various foods in Food court. During the dinner, we were talking very much. Sunday trip has an important goal. It is having a good relationship, so I think we did it. That’s why I think our Sunday trip was success!!


Hi Hiropesu!
I am Stephanie and I live in New York in the USA. Sundays are such an important day to me and my family. We bond and go on day trips like you explained and it is very good for a relationship. Eating and going to tall buildings and taking pictures and having fun, reminds me of when I visit a new city or state. I love to take pictures because it helps you remember memories and important events in your life.
Thank you for your post.

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