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by 018 chiho on May 6, 2014 - 1:47am

I took part in voluntary activities of Kid’s Supporters. The abbreviation for “Kid’s Supporters” is KS, and Kid’s Supporters helps the show of The Young Americans. The YA is the abbreviation of “The Young Americans”, this is a nonprofit organization for telling wonderful young people power to society through music. The Young Americans was founded over 50 years ago in Hollywood. The member of The Young Americans are never paid as performers for the organization. As such, their participation is intended to be educational and this is not business. The Young Americans are simply a group of talented young people who attend college level classes, sing, dance, teach others, learn from others, and entertain throughout the world. Music performance and education is fundamental to The Young Americans. The Young Americans is composed of about three hundreds young people from seventeen to twenty five years old. They allot a workshop three days. First day and second day are practice, and last day is acting before the audience. Dance and song teach English for students. The first visit to Japan for The Young Americans in 2006, and this Golden Week holidays, they were third playing Kobe. I joined in the workshop as Kid’s Supporters. Kid’s Supporters needs to take a lot of part in the work shop, for example, carry and carry out baggage and set, lead, translation, spreading blue seats on the floor, student’s condition management, watching the performance from the wings and so on. I was very tired when I did such odd jobs, but I fell so happy when I play a part with students. They depended on me, and they called me “Miss. Chiho”, it was as if I’m theirs teacher for the reason. It’s was so hard for me, but I had a good time.


I can sympathy your opinion because I join Young Americans. That event was very fun but you decided that will never join that. I think that you are good KS so you have to join from now on. You should reconsider your decision to quit a KS. I wish you luck.

Thank you for the comment. Please enjoy Kids supporters!!

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