Cool Japan: Vending machine

by 046Tom on May 8, 2014 - 4:37am



In Japan, there are enormous vending machines. What is vending machine? Vending machine is a machine, which sells something by itself. In the world, the first vending machine was invented in A.C. 215 in Egypt. The machine the vending machine sold water by using principal of leverage. In Japan first vending machine was invented in 1888, which sold cigarette. Now, there are so many kinds of vending machines. There are vending machines which sells hot drinks, cold drinks, hot food, cigarette, bread, alcohol, snacks, ticket for transportation, ticket for amusement park and so on. In the past, the purpose of vending machine was just for selling something however now, the purpose of vending machine is not only for selling something but also giving information for the people. The recent model of vending machine can show information. Such us weather, news and so on so that when it is emergency, people can get important information. In addition, there is a vending machine that when some disaster happens, the vending machine will sell money with no money. Like these, recent vending machine has a lot of function and very useful. I think that this is one thing of cool Japan. Plus, in some Japanese vending machine, there are some kindnesses for older people or, people who has handy cap. For example, there are big space to put the coins easily. At the highest place, shorter people couldn’t push the button so that there are  vending machine that each item has each number and people can push the number at low place. Recently there are high tech machine that has touch panel so that people can use vending machine more easily. Like these, I think that Japanese vending machine is so cool. I hope that it will be development more in the future.


In the Line11 to Line12 it says "the vending machine will sell money with no money." but I can't understand this sentence. I wrote about the vending machine too so I thought the Japanese vending machine are cool too. Now a days they're many vending machine and it's developing like every year so I hope the development will advance more and more.

Sorry, I took a mistake. I wanted to say that there are vending machine which sells drinks with no money when the disaster caused near the vending machine.

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