Cool cool cool Japan

by 048 minami on May 8, 2014 - 3:39am

Cool cool cool ! Japan!

Japanese technology is very high quality, for example, car, PC, vending machine and so on. Today, I will talk about vending machine. There are so many vending machines in japan. Vending machines are in station, school, street, and building, anywhere. This is very convenient machine. When we are thirsty, we can buy something to drink, by using vending machine. Moreover when we are hot, we can buy cold drink, and when we are cold, we can by hot drink. In addition, when we ride a train, we can buy a ticket by using this machine. There are many vending machine all over the world. Why is vending machine cool japan?
This is because Japanese vending machine is unique. There are variety vending machine in japan. In japan, not only drink or ticket vending machine, but also noodles, snacks, ice cream, food such as rice ball or bread and so on. There are many kind of vending machine in japan. We can use vending machine very easy. We put money in vending machine, and we only push a button which we want. It is very easy and quickly.
Recently, Japanese vending machine is becoming touch panel. Moreover, we don't have to use coin. We can use IC card such us train's IC card, ICOCA, PITAPA, Suica and so on. This is the newest vending machine and very high technology machine, so I think japan proud of vending machine.


I think that Vending machine is cool Japan too. I thought that your passage is very intersting and easy for me to understand. I could enjoy reading.

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