" Causes of the global warming"

by Tomoya on June 26, 2014 - 3:49am

I will explain about the global warming. Next I will explain causes of the global warming. At first, the global warming is primarily a problem of too much CO2 in the atmosphere which acts as a blanket, trapping heat and warming the planet. As we burn fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas for energy or cut down and burn forests to create pastures and plantations, carbon accumulates and overloads our atmosphere. Certain, waste management and agriculture practices aggravate the problem by releasing other potent global warming gases, such as methane and nitrous oxide. See the pie chart for a breakdown of heart trapping global warming emissions by economic sector.

CO2 survives in the atmosphere for a long time up to many centuries, so it’s heat trapping effects are compounded over time. Of the many heat trapping gases, CO2 puts as at the greatest risk of irreversible changes if it continues to accumulate unabated in the atmosphere as it is a likely to do if the global economy remains dependent on fossil fuels for its energy needs. To put this in perspective, the carbon we put in the atmosphere, today, we will literally determine not only our climates future, but that of future generations as well.

We are using many fossil fuels. This is promoting because of the global warming. It helps for the world to make bad situations. Mainly, it will be caused because of a gas. It means a gas increasing, at the same time, will increase CO2 gas, too. It means ozone hole will be destroyed. It’s also bad for healthy, I think it can be polluted in the world. In China, there are lots of harmful gasses; especially PM 2.5 is serious problem. Chinese people should be careful about it, and they have to care of their self.

Also, the global warming will influence the climate change. Climate change is changing our economy, health, and our communities in diverse ways. Most of scientists warn that if we do not aggressively curb climate change now. In addition, by cutting the forest will reduce the resource such as a paper. By changing climate, increase droughts and severe storms, reduce lake ice cover, melt glaciers, increase sea levels, and change plant and animal behavior. I think many animals which is afraid of the endangered species. So we try not to reduce waste of the resource, I want to protect them and want them to arrive in the world.

I concluded the results that will likely be disastrous. In Japan, there are a lot of industrialized areas. In addition, the problem also has deforestation. Many people who are going to cut some forests, because of it, CO2 gas would be increasing.

When I was a child, I didn’t think about it that the serious problems. However, recently I am focusing on these problems. When I was a high school student, I would be focused on the problems. We should reduce waste of the resource. I was surprised, when Japan was hit by the earthquake. It was huge and it was approximately 7.5 magnitudes. Many people died because of the earthquake. Most people didn’t think about the problem, because they didn’t worry about the earthquake. They need to prepare for emergency.

We don’t know when it happened to the earth, so we have to be careful. I think Japan is safety than other countries, because when I visited other countries Thailand, the environment was not good for our health. After I came back to Japan, I compared Japan to Thailand, and I guessed. Especially I thought the difference from the health. In case of Japan, we can eat sushi, but the other countries cannot eat it. This is because the row and it can be influenced our health.

However, I didn’t know about that, but recently, I hear the news about the global warming and then I could understand the meaning. There are a lot of problems on the global warming, especially, harmful gas is focused on. I think it is very dangerous substances, because it may be caused by a gas, so we should be careful about it.


I read your article. Your analysis to global warming is very nice. And I thiught that your article was written very well about CO2 or an influence of the climate change, causes of the global warming. Moreover,I understood that we need to prepare for emergency and the earthquake. I expect that you willing to write a good article like this once more.

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