Caroline Kennedy be the bridge between Japan and USA

by Yuichi on April 24, 2014 - 4:06am

 I read this text and I would like to write about my thoughts. At first, main key person in this story is Caroline Kennedy. She has the family that is so famous in US, and her father was president. Even though she has been grown up in such around, one day, her step was in Japan where were devastated by 2011 tunami. On the basis, she felt from the disaster victims, she was someone could become a bridge between foreign. I felt I also have to do something between foreigners. If it were not big or very wealth thing and so on, I want to get someone’s smile. She were brightening in part of economy in any country, however I want to try to help something. I read this sentence, I learn such importance of being bridge between abroad from this.


I sympathize his sentence. It is a "I want to get someone’s smile". This sentence is the best in this article. I think that his contents are nice.

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