Caroline Kennedy

by 021 YOUHEY on April 24, 2014 - 3:44am

About Caroline Kennedy’s News

5132021 Yuhei Sagawa

I think that this first sentence is good, because she and the local people talked about tsunami. The disaster caused terrible happening in Japan. After the talking, I think she was impressed about the happening.

She is known to everybody because her father name is John. F. Kennedy. He was an American President, but he was assassinated by someone. Caroline Kennedy is his daughter, so her existence is very conspicuous in America. But she played an active part quietly so as not to attract attention. This is great thing. Basically in this case, as daughter of president, she is treated well. However she refused the offer and made an effort to be a good ambassador. I was well impressed by her effort. She didn’t affect her father’s great achievement. As a result, she walked her own way without her father. It may be difficult, but she could achieve her goal.

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