" To avoid the aging society"

by Tomoya on June 19, 2014 - 3:53am

     As you know, japan has a big problem that is an aging society. The aging of Japan is thought to outweigh all other nations, as the country is purported to have the highest proportion of elderly citizens, more than 24 % are aged 65 or above it. In addition, Japan is the highest aging society in all over the world. I will explain about it, and I thought about it to avoid the problem. Japan’s population has reduced, so the government is going to start the projects that its population will have fallen by a third 40 percent of Japanese will be retirees. I think the aging society should be reduce and should be increase children. In America, half the population is over the age of 65 years. In japan, is oldest population, with a median age of 46 years, an average lifespan of 84, and a quarter of the population over 65, however, it doesn’t mean that gloomy future. I thought why Japan’s children are less than any other countries, because the women in Japan who has just 1.4 children per woman. That is why japan is getting aging society in the world.

     Some of the reason related to the aging society. Of course, less children, in addition, I think hard working too. In Japan, the woman is working hard as well as the man. This is because the aging society can be included. The government focuses on this issue, but they cannot solve these issues.  You must be knew the China’s program about the aging society. It calls one child program. I think this program can be promoted the aging society, because the children have less than the adult. Many countries have these problems such as aging society, but these countries are going to protect own their way. Particularly, in America, a variety of ways are carrying out. In addition, it has a big encouragement for their problems. I think Japan has to focus on the big problems and try to solve it precisely.

The aging society will cause some problems. For example, it will be caused debt in each country. Also, it will cause a social problem for people. Japan has to increase number of children; otherwise our social won’t improve in the future. If the government didn’t do anything, Japan’s economy has not improved, so they should try to improve a social problem, especially, we should be focused on the aging society. When an adult was increased by aging society, most of them cannot work hard. At the same time, the young people also getting loosely. Private Citizens also should be focus on the problem. In addition, they are concern about money in Japan. I think this problem is the most necessary for us to focus on it.

By the government statistics, the population will be approximately the same amount of the working aged population by 2030. Japan will experience declines in the children and working aged cohorts and a sharp increase in the over 65 years old group. The decline in the working aged cohort may lead to a shrinking economy if productively does not increase faster than the rate of its decreasing workforce. Japan has focused its policies on the work life balance with the goal improving the conditions for increasing the birth rate. These challenging have influenced Japan that has established goals to define the ideal work life balance that would provide the environment for couples to have more children with the passing of the world.

I think the aging society almost has bad points; however, at least, it has also good point. Elderly people are longer their life. That is why I guess the population in Japan is not decreased. However, the population of the number of the aging people in Japan will have more increase, because of women. They don’t hope that they have child. On the other hand, they hope working hard to earn money by themselves. In my opinion, that is positive thinking, because earning money is necessary to live, but they should have a child when they got marriage. Otherwise, this problem cannot be improved all over the world.


Hello. I read your article. I agree with your opinion because I think that children's population is increase. Japanese women are working hard, so they can't marry and can't bear a child. I think it is not good. Therefore we have to change somethings about this.

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