American strong female ambassador

by 018 chiho on April 17, 2014 - 2:06am

Caroline Bouvier Kennedy is the lawyer in America and the first female who is U.S. ambassador in Japan. In 2013, American government recommended Kennedy for U.S. ambassador in Japan, then the White House decided to appoint Kennedy to be U.S. ambassador in Japan on July 24th. Japanese upper chamber recognize it on October 16th and she promised to be it at the State Department on November 12th. Shortly after that, she visited to the northeastern region to Honshu to see disaster area. In Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, a tsunami breaks out and swallow up everything, so a lot of people were killed by the tsunami. Kennedy talked with the woman about temporary housing and recovery of the area. At that time, she respected sufferer’s courage and strong will. By the way, some Japanese criticize Kennedy because she blamed dolphin drive fishing in Wakayama prefecture. However I don’t think so. I like her character such speak her opinion distinctly.


Her contents are easy for me to understand.
She wrote her own thoughts, so I think that it is great sentence.

I agree with your article, I like her too. I think it's good opportunity for us to have good relationships between America and Japan, because of her. I could know your feelig so this article is great one. Thank you ^^

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