Aging society

by 007 Endo on June 26, 2014 - 4:24am

Recently there are many problems in Japan. We should solve little by little. Especially I talk about Japanese population. Japanese population is very famous problems, because this problem is difficult things. Japanese population decreases more and more, also there are many aging people in Japan. Why aging society develop now? So I talk about this problem, and I think about solution. Then what should Japan do from now on.

 First I talk about Japanese population’s problems now. There are 127760000people in Japan, but Japanese people decrease about 2000000people. After war, Japan decreased for the first time. Over 65 of aging population are 25600000 people. Japan exceeded 20% for the first time. Of these, young old 14,030,000 people to 65- 74 years old, over 75 years old are 11,570,000people.

Secondly I talk about aging society’s factor. As for the aging factor, longevity is becoming it and declining birthrate. The average life span of our country largely spreads after the war, and a man suffers from the woman with 85.59 years for 78.64 years in 2004. In addition, a woman is 23.28 years a man for 18.21 year and as for the average life span in 65 years old, the advanced age period gets longer with the man and woman.

Next I talk about influence of aging society. The population of the country is reduced in the long term future, declining birthrate and aging population rapidly is forecast. I considered these changes in population structure, shall give a wide range of impact and greatly to society of our country. First, the proportion of the elderly population in the population increases, the elderly per working-age population (15-64 year-olds) is, what is 3.4 for 16 years current year, It is 1.5 of pension and health care in 2050, increase in social security contributions, such as care is concerned. In addition, (population over the age of 15 you are willing to work) labor force has already started to decline as a boundary in 1998, may continue to decrease in the future is expected. In addition, in 2007 at hand, (Showa 22-24 born) is Sashikakari to 60-year-old baby boomers to support the economic growth of our country so far, has had a significant impact on various aspects of society, and thereafter, will be to gradually exit from the labor market is forecast. The society of our country as seen from the population structure is a figure that has changed completely from the past is expected.

   Thirdly I talk about aging society’s solution. Now the aging society, I think pension burden of young people is increased more and more. When stretched to 70-year-old retired, elderly people will be let out even a little living expense from his salary. It is possible if so, to lighten the burden on the pension. The issue of 70-year-old retirement age, the burden of salary the company would be more. So, changing the system now that salary will increase by age, salary must to be paid in performance of one person. Also currently, barrier-free is progressing in many facilities. But, there is also a place where young people of town planning center have been in the city, hard to live in the elderly. There are many steps either the intersection or sidewalk, in a place where many people gather, the elderly is dangerous. And, it is not possible even when you take the train, people in wheelchairs to ride for stairs and steps. There is a need to further promote barrier-free where it made ​​some kind of law.

 Finally I talk about my opinion. There are many problems about aging society, so we have to solve it, because it is very important things from now on. I think that Japanese people should make children. Japanese youth decrease more and more. So I think that people should marry and make a child. Recently many parents kill their children. I can’t believe it. I think that children are treasure. Children will change our world in the future. Also Japan has to improve technology. We can’t kill aging people, but if we can develop medical technology, then we should make a goof environment for aging people. So Japan still has many problems, but we have to think deeply.




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