Aging Society

by 021 YOUHEY on June 19, 2014 - 3:52am

Aging Society

              Nowadays, Japanese economy is depression, so declining number of children and aging society are being carried out little by little. Why are they making gradually? Because it is related to the average life expectancy is extended. In addition, people who marry partner do not have some babies because of depression. Japanese economy is depression, so most people cannot earn a lot of money. Even if they can get much money, they will use the money for themselves. They want to live extravagant dairy life. For instance, they will eat luxurious meals or buy expensive items which look are pretty cool. This is why many parents do not want to use money for their children’s school fees and living expenses. All people know that these expenditures are huge money per a child for their parents. According to the information of internet site, most parents have to pay about 30,000,000 yen by graduated university from baby. Unfortunately this is the cheapest school fees and living fees. If people’s child went to private junior high school and private senior high school and private university, parents have to pay huge school fees per a child. This is cruel for the poor people. This is why many people do not have some babies and declining number of children is increasing. On the contrary, after the war, Japan was developing rapidly and Japan is peaceful than old ages recently, so Japanese people can eat healthy and delicious foods every day even they have much money. If they do have little money, they eat safety foods. Japanese foods are very healthy in the world, so they can prolong Japanese people’s average life. I think that this is good for Japan, but I do not know this is a problem for Japanese economy. We have to think these problems.

              In my opinion, aging society is not good for Japan. Increasing Japanese population and living a long life are great indeed. Japanese government should improve Japanese economy soon. Otherwise, declining number of children is a huge serious problem in Japan. For example, if declining number of children increased, many schools will be closed down in the future. This is very serious problem for me, because I am going to be an English teacher in the nearly future, so to become a teacher is difficult slowly. I dislike it. I can not pass an examination for a teacher’s certificate easily even if it is very hard examination. Especially I want to be a high school teacher. High school is fewer than elementary school and junior high school, so school side teacher have to decided to great new teachers. I have not been a great teacher yet. Originally, I do not know whether I will be a great teacher. Not only me, but also everyone who try for teacher can not hope to become teacher. Therefore without occupation people will be increase someday. However nowadays babies may be lucky, because they can find business when they will become adult.

              Aging society is serious problem, too. I think that it relates to pensions. Old people who worked as a public employee can get pensions from Japan. Their average life is high, so Japan has to pay a lot of pensions forever. Not only pensions, but also pay expense of hospital. Old people often visit hospital and they were taken care of doctors and nurses, so many doctors and nurses claim to a lot of salary. Moreover old people will go to home for the aged when they can not live alone. Therefore Japanese government has to build the facilities. Moreover they must support and feed them. It also needs much money. As a result, I think that aging society and declining number of children are not good for Japan. Japanese government should solve these problems immediately. I want to solve these problems. Japanese economy is also depression. Many children cannot hope to future. They hope to take a normal job than interesting job. But aging society is very difficult problem for Japan. I have no ideas to solve this, so I rely on Japanese government. Although I do not trust the government, they manage to resolve it someday. Thank you.


Hello. I read your article. I think an aging society is not good for Japan too. An aging society is a serious problem.That's why I think the government should think about a policy dealing with this problem.

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