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by 002 shoko on June 19, 2014 - 3:44am

An aging society is one of the biggest problem in Japan.

Therefore it effects to society of Japan.


Today, an aging advance in Japan, and then a declining birth rates also do.

Both of them is connected closely.

An aging society has many problems. For example, problem of a public pension plan, health of elderly people, woman’s empowerment and so on.


A birth rate decrease, and then death rate causes growing of the average life expectancy.

Apart from that big three diseases are causes which bring about an aging society. These are malignant neoplasm, heart disease and pneumonia.

On the other hand, also there are a lot of causes, so I illustrate points answer with examples. Declining labor force. Number of live births should be needed to relax.

Increasing of a single-person household. Development of communal society.


An aging effects to some systems. To cite a case, pension system, health system and so on. An advance into society of woman also too.

# In comparison, Japan and the other countries’ population aging rate.

Take five population aging rate for instance.

(Japan, America, Canada, Austria, France)

J>23.02% Am>13.06% C14.11% Au>17.60% F>16.79%

According to statistics of general population, Japan’s population aging rate is the highest of the other countries.


Number of live births need to relax and countermeasures to the falling birth rate effectively.

We have to live healthy, and then government should be the more cheaply the cost of medical bills.

Most people should get married at least once. Therefore increasing of a single-person household must be decreasing.



Aging society is big problem for Japan, so we must stop it. However it is very difficult. I thought direct solution does not exist, so we should think about indirectly solution. If we can do that, it is connected to solve aging society!

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