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by 048 minami on June 19, 2014 - 3:42am

Population problem.

Hello. Japan became a rainy season. So it is rainy and cloudy every day. I have to bring umbrella. It is also humid, so it is not good season for me...
Today, I am going to talk about Japanese population. Population is very serious problem in japan, because aging people are increasing in japan, and also children are decreasing. Japanese population is not good balance.
When the world war second finished, population was decreased by the war. After the war, japan had a rapid economic growth, so population was increasing. It called baby rash. In this age, population pyramid was good balance. However by the rapid economic growth, many electronic machine ware made. The great electronic machines were vacuum, clothes washer, rice cooker and so on. These machine makes woman comfortable and convenient. Woman doesn't need to take too much time. Woman had a long free time. It also call bubble generation, it is very great economy in Bubble generation.
Bubble economy made Japanese rich. People had huge money, so people have the money to spare for children. So many people were born in this age. However when the bubble economy finished, people did not have much money. So people cannot have the money to spare for children. And also, people had to make a money. Women begin to work in society. When women beginning working, women who is not marriage increasing. It call by career women. The people are very busy because of their job. To have children cost much money. So, people cannot quite jobs. Then Japanese economy is not good now. I think it is cause of decreasing children.
Japanese population is decreasing every year. I said this is because, people does not marriage and don't make children. It is very bad problem. If the problem is keeping, Japanese would disappear. Specialist said, population in 2006 was peak, from 2006 population keep decreasing. In 2006 there are 1 hundred million 2777 people. But, in 2030, population will be 1hundred million 1500 people. Moreover in 2050, population will be less than 1hundred million. It is really serious problem.
Japan has one more serious problem. It is aging problem. I said many people were born in bubble economy generation. The people is aging, and they will be over 60 heard old. So, over 60 years old people is increasing. Then, japan has pension problem. The people who are over 60 years’ old people, cannot work, so they need pension. Pension need many worker, but children and younger is decreasing, government cannot gather money for pension, and government cannot pay for pension, over 60 years old people cannot get pension. It is really problem, because, they cannot live. Aging problem is very serious. Japanese government should solve the problem quickly.
To decrease people cause many problem. The world is competition age. There is no young, japan cannot fight against for all over the world. Japan cannot manufacture everything. If japan cannot manufacture everything, Japanese brand would disappear, and Japanese economy would be down and bad. I think it is very bad for japan.
Aging society and decreasing children is not good effect on japan. I have some solutions. First, to give money to have children. To have children is very expensive. So if many people want children, people don't have money, and they cannot have children. In my opinion many people can get money, children would increase. And government should increase kindergartens. Many Japanese people have job. So every one cannot take care of their children anytime. People need kindergartens. Government should support to have children. Second is, to be emigrated from other country such as Australia. In my opinion, to increasing migrations can maintain japan. This is because. Population is increasing, and worker is increasing. It heard well. But it has problem. Japanese culture will disappear to increase migration. Other country culture will come to japan and will mix. So, original Japanese culture will disappear. Japanese culture is very great but it may disappear, so I am sad.
In my opinion, japan is very good country, because japan doesn't have war, and hunger, moreover japan is rich and varied. But japan has population problem. Government should solve the problem. And Japanese should be aware of the serious population problem.


Your article was easy to understand for me.
I think Japan is peaceful country compare with other countries, too.
There are many problems like aging society in Japan.
I think I want government to make a move that solve them, and young people have to work hardly.

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