African children

by 048 minami on May 29, 2014 - 4:44am

Hello! I'm minami. Today I would like to talk about hunger problem all over the world.
I live in japan. Japan is very good country. This is because, japan is not poor, and Japan's GDP is the second best all over the world. I think Japanese life is very good and affluence compare with other country. So, I think there is not serious hunger problem in japan. I think Japanese don't know so much about hunger problem all over the world. This is because the topic such as the hunger problem neglected by the mass media. So, people don't have way of getting hunger problem information. Japanese don't care about hunger problem. So Japanese always waste food, and resources. The food that Japanese throw can help many people in Africa. But Japanese don't know about that. I think it is very bad thing and, government should suggest the information of the hunger problem in Africa.
By the way, the hunger problem in Africa is very seriously. Especially Ethiopia, Kenya Somalia are very serious problem of hunger. The area is called "Horn of Africa". There are many conflict in the area. The area doesn’t enough to have food and water. Therefore many people died because of hunger every day, every week, every month, and every year. Especially, children who is under 5 years old. Children cannot live. This is because Africa's water is very duty, and it has many bacteria. So children are killed by the bacteria. Not only bacteria is cause of dead but also, lack of food. There are many conflict in horn of Africa. So, crop cannot grow up, people cannot eat anything. Therefore people cannot grow up healthy. Children cannot get sustenance. It is very bad things. African children is different from Japanese children. Japanese children has very great environment. It is unbelievable for African children.
Many country thinks the problem is serious, and too good to miss. So many country donate something to Africa. For example, foods, water, cloths, and stationary and so on. Not only to donate money but also to donate goods. The USA, Australia, EU, and Japan are most donating country. These country support Africa. Especially japan donate total about one hundred million. Japan send a rice, and medicine and so on. Japan made some hospital and running water too. I think Otis very great thing.
Many country donating to Africa is very good thing, I think. It is good for world peace. I think to send money is not good for Africa. This is because, money is not useful for Africa people. If people have money, they would not buy anything, there is no goods. So they need goods like foods, water, cloths and so on.
To send something useful goods is very useful for Africa. I hope there is no war and conflict all over the world. And then there is no victims of war and conflict. I hope hunger problem disappear in the future, and everyone will be smiling every day.

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