Hit and Run

by Guillaume_chaine on September 11, 2017 - 7:29pm

It was a warm night of October, Halloween was coming as carved pumpkins started decorating the front porch of many homes. A small breeze began to whisper through the trees of the neighborhood. When a small pack of young teenager venture outside after stuffing their stomach with pizzas and other junk food. Among them, Guillaume was about to experience the scariest event of his youth.

After wandering for a bit, the group of around a dozen heads, decided that it will be fun to mess around and do what teenagers do best: disturbing the neighbors. They started shouting and singing at the top of their lungs, which cause many families to be interrupted during their diner. The group suddenly turn its attention toward Guillaume. They asked him to go to the closest house and so that he may ring the bell before running away. After, being relatively reticent to the idea, the energy of the band was too strong. So, Guillaume proceed, and after a couple of attempts without any reaction from the neighbors He was becoming more and more confident. The band asked him to ring one last door, which He did but like any other door on the street; no answer. As the group was walking back home, a roaring car came crashing down the street. Immediately, panic spread across the herd of teenagers as everyone scatter left and right; ducking and hiding in bushes. Everyone…except Guillaume whom was pinned by the car. Suddenly a towering adult came like a juggernaut out of the vehicle screaming, and as he made eye contact with Guillaume. He charges him; pushing the young teen to the ground. Shaking with fear, Guillaume manages to talk his way out of it after many many long minutes. Before, coming back to his friend’s house.

He was forever mark by these events as He continue to recall them perfectly, and with the years that have past He now looks back at that night with a smile for it is now one of his most memorable adventures.

In the end, the young teen learned his lesson as He now acts with more wisdom. He still made some other mistakes but never without thinking carefully before acting like a reckless punk.


That man must have been really mad to push a young teen on the ground. I'm sure shouting would have been enough to scare a boy.

I really enjoyed reading your story it’s so well written. I also ring some bell before running away when I was younger luckily I never got in trouble for that.

Easy to read and quite good, but are you sure you need a capital h with "he"?

You are right Nathan, "he" does not take a capital h...

Very rich and vivid use of vocabulary! Please pay attention to unnecessary verb tense shifts...

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