The candy thief

by NathanL on September 13, 2017 - 5:14pm

A long time ago, in a small town in Saguenay, a young boy lived a peaceful life with his two brothers. The boy was an ordinary boy without anything special. One day, on a bright winter day, after receiving his earnings for putting the garbage’s out, the little boy was eager to finally buy something with own money. The boy went as fast as he could to the nearest store and began wandering around the tall alleys of the store. After a while, he then picks a bag of candy and put it in his pocket. Distracted by all the different candies he could have taken instead, he realized that he forgot the bag on the alley. After getting another bag, he quickly went to pay the candies. At home, he soon realizes that he got two bags for the price of one.

            Fearing the consequences, he went back to the store, explains his crime to the cashier and paid back his second bag. The boy learns to always double-check his pocket to be sure he does not lose something or else. The end. 


Everyone stole candies in their life...

Good vocabulary and storytelling skills! Watch out illogical verb tense shifts...

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