Sea World Vs Orcas

by Shanel on September 30, 2016 - 10:45am

The article "Sea World", written by Lauracohen4, talks about Sea World capturing a lot of animals and using them to entertain the public and get money from them. It explains how people started to realize that the areas of the Orcas weren’t good for their needs. In top of that, the Orcas are said to be harmless in the wild. However, they are to their instructor. Also, Sea World is telling us that Orcas can live 30 years old while in fact they can live 90 years old. Sea World said that it was their last generation of Orcas in the park.

Indeed, Sea World captured a lot of Orcas directly from their home. Sometimes, who even did it with a lot of violence and used explosives to push the Orcas and direct them into nets. As you said, people started to realize that their areas weren’t big enough for them, but people still encourage Sea World by going there and visiting the Orcas. If people stop going, it would probably make the message clearer. I really hope that they’re going to stop using Orcas because we can see more and more Orcas trying to hurt themselves by hitting the glass of their cage or going outside the water and staying there, exposed to the sun, trying to end their live and that’s not acceptable. I hope that they will also stop trapping all the other marine animals as well.

What do you think about the use of marine animals at Sea World? Is it good or bad?

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