The Link Between Alzheimer's and Sleep Apnea

by julietteletourneau on September 30, 2016 - 10:46am

Exploring the Link Between Alzheimer's and Sleep Apnea

An article written by Royce


Your article was very intriguing to me, mostly because my dad was diagnosed with sleep apnea a few years ago. Since then, he sleeps with the aid of a CPAP machine, which gives him a constant flow of oxygen during the night. Although sleep apnea is an issue I am aware of, I never imagined it could be linked to Alzheimer disease. As you mentioned earlier in your article, researchers noticed during experimentations that viscous amyloid plaques that are related to Alzheimer disease were found in laboratory rats who maintained sleep apnea. My question is; Do sleep deprived people who treat themselves with the right machine still have the same chance to be diagnosed with Alzheimer one day? As the CPAP machine regulates one man’s breathing disorder, does it reduce the formation of amyloid plaques?

I would be pleased to have an answer. Thank you for such an interesting review!

Juliette Létourneau



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