Drinking in USA

by elodierainville on September 30, 2016 - 10:52am

In the article: ‘‘At What Age Should Drinking be Allowed?’’, written by Sydney Roche, the author explains why we should or shouldn’t lower the minimum age for drinking in the USA to 18. Choosing an age for legally drinking is an issue around the world. Each country has effectively not the same way of thinking. I agree with Sydney Roche, when she says that teenagers always try to transgress rules. One proof is that almost every teen in the USA has drunk alcohol before the age of 21. However, I don’t agree when she says that we should change the minimum age to 18 years old, because it will just encourage teens to drink earlier. If the age is 21, they will not begin to drink at 14, because they understand that they are too far from the minimum age and that they need to wait a couple years. However, if the age is 18, they will begin earlier. Even though, the law would be changed to 18, I’m sure they will not wait until 18 years old. We all know that alcohol is more harmful for younger people and that it can lead them to drunk driving.

Here’s the link: http://newsactivist.com/en/articles/democracy-and-cultural-diversity-win...

My discussion question: Do you think that the minimum age for drinking in the USA should be 18 or 21 years old?

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